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  1. Welcome to Ascension. A new group of long time friends dedicated to dominating the Halo 5 scene in both competitive game play, as well as casual custom events. For too long have clans and communities obsessed over distracting policies, restrictive requirements, and time consuming recruitment quotas. Here at Ascension, we aspire to focus on what matters most. The game. Laying at the core of our foundation, playing the game and having fun is our #1 priority. With a large, tight knit group of people, playing becomes even more enjoyable. Unlike most other clans and communities, we aspire to build a large group of people not by simply pestering random people to join, but instead making a group so fun and appealing via games and social media that players want and actively pursue to join us. That is how it always should have been anyways, right?. If your'e interested in hearing more and getting to know what we're all about, message AGS Exile on Xbox for more details. We would love to get to know you more, and play more awesome games with awesome people. See you you on the battlefield. ~ Exile
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