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  1. Whats up guys! i'm looking for H5 players who are good and have a mic and good communication who would like to start a halo ESL team with me cause im already signed uo at ESL Play to start my Gaming Career if your interested message me on here or XBL @ DHG Incursio! if i like the team i'll think of a team name for us etc. just please be decent at halo and have a mic thats all i ask for. Thank you -Incursio!
  2. Hey everyone i'm looking to have a Halo Fireteam so i need 3 other people who would like to game with me on H5 shoot me a message on the xbox GT: DHG Incursio
  3. Hello everyone i'm apart of DHG i'm here to recruit more people for our community! we don't require for your GT to be change you can keep it how it is if you like we also have amazing people in our Halo 5 Division also if you like to join plz message me on Xbox Live @ DHG Incursio and i'll get you set but make sure you are 16 or older to join DHG if 15 below you will join DHJ (Die Hard Juniors) which is apart of DHG too but if also make you have a Headset.. Trust me if you join you'll love it i promise just message me for more info see you on the battlefield Spartans!
  4. Hey i'm new to the site kinda but anyways i'm LF a team to play halo with my gamertag is DHG Incursio just shoot me a message on here or on xbox i'll be online in a few mins or so if you would like to play with me on HALO 5
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