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  1. Hi Twinreaper, Thank you very much. I have tried this before previously, but thought I would give it another go just in case. Unfortunately this hasn't worked.
  2. I purchased the Halo 5 Guardians Special edition game back in February. It installed fine, but when starting the game it comes up with the error message 0x87de2729 'The person who bought this needs to sign in'. Now I have been through many, many different troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Support (all in all about 8 times) and they have stated that they can no longer help. I have; Returned the disc and got a new copy Uninstalled the game reinstalled offline reinstalled with no account signed in Cleared Cache Cleared Blu Ray cache Opened ports on my router Downloaded updates from the Xbox website an installed updates I have tried the disc in other console who have previously installed the game and it works I have gone through console settings and router settings Factory reset I have tried many other little things as well, but to be quite honest I have lost track of everything. Xbox Support suggest that I am encountering a licence issue but are unable to help All my other games work fine and I am not sure what else I can do! Any help/ ideas would be appreciated (but I must admit I have probably tried them all already - my list is not exhaustive) Thanks.
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