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  1. Am Xbox user since 2006 , I have had the original Xbox , two 350 that were lost by 3redlights a slim , E , and now have two Xbox One, but I'm kind of sad , for you to see what has happened in the year 2016 : - Already have a few months that the enemies do not die, they shoot and shoot them, throw grenades falling at their feet and not die, because we shot only kills us. Something wrong in the software Halo 5 Guardians, or why would I have heard that if you register on American soil gains a protection is that, as for those who are from other countries not. Uncle Sam likes to protect their children, all right, but it is called to protect a game where should be equal opponents, not protected, so missed the free throw, we have no desire, to compete for that you never win and only lose , like playing cards and a player pulling a letter from the sleeve, it is something unfair and it's called stealing, right. Even said that each player has a level, so it is placed in an arena with the same level opponents, but it is not what we have seen, you're up there, and put you at the police station beginners, there it is one and the best win for beginners are new, this is treachery or cowardice, take advantage and go to a competition putting weak and strong only win, Roman arena type that put gladiators against lions. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lost the desire to play Halo 5 Guardians. Error 350 to 360.
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