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  1. I had issues with Spartan Strike signing in. so I tried the Spartan Assault. Same problem the game cannot connect to server to save your place! I am using HP Spectre X360 convertible laptop. I would appreciate any help. I tried Mircrosoft help chat with no result. Thanks Amir
  2. I installed spartan strike on my new windows 10 laptop (hp Spectre 360) worked fine for a few day. last night when I start the game, I get the error "WARNING Can't sign in . Try signing in at Xbox.com, then start the app" I am signed in and still can not sign in . Please help. I spent 4 hours with Xbox support chat with no result. I have uninstalled and installed the app at least 10 times. I have returned the app and purchased again - still no luck. Thanks Amir
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