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  1. If it didn't play I wouldn't have posted about it here, I'd have returned it to Amazon as defective. For something like this I want to know if my disc was mastered incorrectly, or its just a mis-print. Amazon can't help with that.
  2. So I received my Bluray copy of FoR a few days ago and finally got around to watching it. After a few minutes of watching the movie I noticed that the DTS-HD icon on my Receiver wasn't lit, and I remember seeing the DTS-HD Master Audio logo on packaging. If you look at the bottom row of logos, you can see the DTS-HD MA logonext to the Dolby Digital and Blu-rayDisc logos. But when you look at the audio tracks actually on the BR, its just DD 5.1 and DD Stereo tracks available. https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5819/23207520160_5b1f5b0f13_o.jpg
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