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  1. Link removed, topic locked. Please review our rules on Off-Site Links and advertising. ~Red
  2. TWF ('Together We Fight') Federation is a spartan company which has been created to allow players to join a competitive Halo 5 Clan and participate in competitive matches against rival companies. As the leader of TWF I have had past experience of competitive Halo and have decided to create my own company. We are looking to dominate our rivals and become one of the most notorious Halo companies to exist. But I can't achieve that on my own. I need fellow spartans by my side. If you wish to join the TWF federation then you first have to meet a few requirements in order to keep everyone around the same skill level. Players MUST be over the age of 14 Players MUST have some sort of xbox microphone Players should preferably live in the UK (due to timezones) Players MUST be mature in the way they play and also the way they communicate with others Players are not particularly judged on skill as long as your decent with past experience. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS THEN MESSAGE iBradyy x ON XBOX LIVE TO PROGRESS FUTHER Players WILL be promoted to a higher role if they participate well against our rivals. Hopefully you are interested in joining this competitive halo community. -LEADER OF TWF 'Together We Fight' Also the link to the Company is here- https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/twf%20federation
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