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  1. I think you're completely right about the business drive to prioritize Halo 5 over MCC fixes - and it looks like MCC is the last example i will have of a Halo game I can play with a partner, so i hope they do eventually get it up to snuff. Technical problems aside, MCC seemed like a step back from Halo 4 in its multiplayer application. A jumbled ton of MP options, but not any I particularly want (like just being able to choose one release's MP experience). Ultimately, though, it doesn't matter much who's to blame for shortcomings in a video game's development - the result is that 343i is releasing, through MS, a Halo title that does not satisfy my requirements for a Halo title. In the face of any announcement of graphical enhancements, video frame rates or other technical 'improvements' the new title will have, it represents a step backward to me and the fans who play like I do. 343i is in charge of which features make it into the game and which do not. Taking well-loved features away from fans for whatever reason, whomever is to blame, is a BAD choice. Now, if split-screen MP is something that could be added by patch, and 343i were to announce something like that before H5:G's release - I could forget all about it and go on living my gaming life as a Halo fan.
  2. I have no doubt that The development cycle 343i have to work within, and Microsoft are causes for shortcuts, but I will not forgive the Developer of the Game for dropping important features. There is no technical reason besides time constraints that they can't drop the frame rate for split screen. It's the same rush-job, only-mostly-finished product that so many developers are shoveling out in this console generation. I'm sure they think that not allowing multiple players on a console doesn't effect their bottom line much, so it has to go because they can't put everything in this game that it should have. Maybe they're right - the backlash for graphical shortcomings or other performance issues might be greater than the backlash for denying fans who like to share game time the chance to do so - I hope the numbers show differently. I'll buy used, or borrow the game or whatever so that I don't contribute to their income or sales numbers, and if others who feel the way i do (betrayed) do the same, the problem will get fixed. If it doesn't - I have 11 years of good Halo memories i can draw on when choosing other games to play.
  3. yeah. that would be a fun option for people who have the means to enjoy multiple $600+ entertainment centers in their homes - not including video setups. Sadly, not an option for me. There are a lot of 343 apologists on here trying to suggest that the loss of split screen is no big deal. It is a very big deal to the scores of fans who use it and have done so throughout the series - it is, for me and others like, one of the defining traits of the property and I only hope against hope that 343i hears the outcry and figures out an option for the fans they can expect to lose by dropping something so important. Since the current console generation emerged, it's been disappointment after disappointment. Seems like gamers are losing a lot of options and 'freedoms' to accommodate the new tech. I'll still want to see the single-player campaign, but i can wait to buy used for that.
  4. It's unthinkable. H5G was to be the big release this year me and my friends... who spend our gaming time exclusively playing games together in the same room. Halo's been the game of choice for, like, 11 years. They're snatching that experience away just to say their game runs at 60fps. Whatever. I'll have to find a new go-to. The lone nerds can enjoy their framerate while i have to go nurse my butthurt with some military fps that i find much less compelling.
  5. I'm actually devastated by this revelation. It is a regular activity for me to get together with a friend to play Halo games. Tradition since 2004 on the old 'box. I know it means nothing, but I had to start an account just to voice my tremendous disappointment to 343 Industries. The MP (split screen experience... I don't use multiplayer features alone much) in Halo 4 was so great, my friends and I were super-excited for 5 to release - to get that experience on 'new gen'. MC collection just doesn't have a good MP experience in my opinion, so Guardians was going to be the revelation. I know, I know; I'm probably in the minority of players who want a gaming experience for more than one person in the home - but this is such a blow to my hobby, I can't fathom a developer doing such a disservice to a game's fan base. A game that I'd imagined was going to be a staple of my play time in a series that I've excitedly picked up on release day each and every iteration is now relegated to being just another shooter to experience then throw on the stack for trade-in. What a tremendous bummer. 343, you have crushed my fandom. ...you can tell I'm new; I double-tapped and posted this twice. Don't know how to get rid of the dupe. Sry for the noob-ery.
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