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  1. I want to thank halo...or well bungie and 343. I've known it for more than half of my life, im 16 and I played halo 2 when I was seven, I didn't know what I was doing then it was fun is what I remembered.Then a bit later I played Halo 3 it was great a fried from way back it was fantastic, the story so complex and immersive, the back story, the taking your Xbox to your friends house to play halo all night. Its been a real great to grow up with it, get so attached to the characters that you won't get over the ending in halo 4 and then playing through the older ones and seeing little references that just tear you apart. Its an incredible and creative universe so much diversity and dreamlike scenery. People say "just a game" but its more, its part of me. I managed to find my old friend contact and called him up for the MCC collection to play some halo 3 rockets...after so many years without talking with him, then to call up for sole nostalgia, back in tue days, playing together and laughing. I've really enjoyed this world, and I cant wait to see it continue its changes and new bits of storytelling. . thanks
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