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  1. We are military clan in the universe of war hammer 40k. We are currently look for new players who are 12 and above, have a microphone and own a copy of halo reach .
  2. Good send me a message on live and I'll get you through bootcamp
  3. We will be playing origins on reach at 2:00pm est on Friday
  4. There should be a achievement for killing all the bob elites in reach
  5. The unsc clan community wants to eradicate the elite clans how stupid of them Halo 2 elites look really badass
  6. I like reach because It was the most believable halo story with halo 3 coming very close.
  7. Looking for a well organized, well led or a clan with discipline? The Forgotten is your answer, to join our clan you must be 12 or older have a microphone. Contact MAZE HOUND on xbox live for details or to join , also if you want to be a ally tell me on here and contact me on live.
  8. I'm on a council at the forgotten clan on reach, do you want to be an ally I handle foreign relations in my clan
  9. If you need people to play with join the forgotten , and send me a message
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