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  1. good thing XBL is back up! Playing halo MCC online!!!! P.S My XBL profile name is baconmaster7000 Sorry, its actually all caps
  2. XBL+PSN DOWN. the lizard sqaud took them down. I don't uselly post, but this is CRAZY!!!!! 2 ddos attacks, one on PSN, one on XBL. What really sucks is i just got xbone aaaaannnnnd I can't use it. lizard sqaud said they will shut it down forever. i do not think they will, but we will see. some members of the lizard sqaud have been caught and arrested by the FBI .until XBL is back up , I will be posting a bit more
  3. Why is there so much hate on halo reach?! I dont get it, it was a great game, friendly to beginners and added in alot of great features. Why Halo: Reach is my favourite Halo game. -firefight mode -it was the first halo I ever played -friendly to beginners -it had a great ranking system - the amour customizeing system was awesome This is my opinion, so dont hate. halo: reach
  4. Hello! my name is awesomeman245 I play ALOT of halo4, but i dont have xbox live yet, because when my xbox360 broke, i traded it for another used one, which is banned from xbox live:( i joined this site a little while ago so... i dont know much yet. also, im only SR-3 in halo 4 because i play it with my friend at his house
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