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  1. Indeed. However, the darker shapes which presumably are the seas on the moon look like the black insets on the traveler which itself looks like a moon.
  2. Can anyone tell me if they agree with me on this. I think the moon on the 'Truth and Reconciliation' level of the original halo ce looks rather like the traveler on Destiny. I would think that some people might have already worked this out but I thought i'd mention it out of interest! 1986 g.o.s.
  3. definitely. I accept it is a minor point and it won't stop me from getting it. I got it pre ordered in fact. I just wondered if anyone else had seen it and see what they thought. I just thought it seemed a bit strange for 343i to leave out something so obvious. Still I can't wait to play it, especially ascension, that map looks swwwweeeet!!
  4. Well i take notice coz halo prides itself on graphics and the beauty of surroundings. There isn't any soil in that area anyway, its all stone. I think 343i should look into it. It's a minor point i agree but im finicky about these things.
  5. Hi everyone my name's stuart aka muffled advocate. I have a topic - if it can b called that, to bring up. My topic would be... Sanctuary map on halo 2 anniv. Has anyone noticed by watching early footage on youtube or anywhere that the waterfalls that come out of the two end structures don't continue to run when they hit the ground. It's a small point but i think very relevant since 343 are quite attentive to graphics. The waterfalls that come from the two end structures when you activate the two roof mechanisms don't continue to flow. I thought when water hits the ground it flows away. In sanctuary, the water just stops when it hits the ground rather than flowing down the ramps or down the side of the walls below them. I watched some early access footage on youtube from some guys who got to play halo 2 anniv. at Gamescom 2014 and I noticed this issue when i while viewing it. I think 343i should b aware of this. Can anyone tell me if they've noticed this or not? If not, type in on youtube halo 2 anniv. gameplay and click on a sanctuary battle or demonstration and you should notice dry ramps and walls on the two end structures, even when the water is falling after releasing those roof buttons. cheerz guyz 1986 g.o.s.
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