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  1. Thankyou for the help guys. I'm not upset or anything I'm just hoping to find a way to fix this.
  2. Also do either of you know if we can bring this to the attention of 343. I only ask because from what I've gathered from forums, and other internet sources it doesn't sound like this kind of problem is unique to me. I'm just hoping that hey come out with a patch or update to correct these errors.
  3. @Unease P34nut - I believe I am, I will check again and get back to you. I still can't figure out the "extra credit" achievement issue I'm having. I have triple checked every assault op and they are all complete yet the achievement will not unlock. The only thing I've found is that on the assault ops for Operation A: Mission 1; It says to kill 20 Elites and it shows that I've killed 80 out of 20.
  4. I have noticed a bug in waypoint that doesn't allow me to enter codes that I've met the requirements for. I have also noticed that despite having all the requirements for the extra credit achievement on spartan assault it still will not unlock. Is there any thing that can be done or is there anything that is being worked on to correct this problem. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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