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  1. Nice to see that someone elses agrees with my idea of making the AA's a pick-up, like a power-up! I personally feel like if that's what it becomes (which I don't think but I hope) then I think that you should have unlimited use as long as you have it, but ofcourse it has to recharge again. And I feel like the Jetpack and Evade/Thruster is good, solid AA pick-ups. And I also feel like the Thruster or whatever its name will be has to get buffed a bit, because now not everyone has it, it's a power-up, almost like the evade. Players should feel the need to control it. And ofcourse there's lots more ideas that can come up on this topic that making the AA's into power-ups on the map! And it can change how many of them there are on the map. Let's say there's 2 Jetpacks on one map, and then there's only one Thruster on the other. Just an idea, because you can either have the AA's as a power-up, so you need to control the map in order to get it, or you could give both teams one Jetpack for example. I personally feel like only ONE on the map, so you need to have map control. And what you said about sprint is 100% true. They can't make the game suitable for both, really because as you said the maps have to be designed for either sprint or no sprint. I'm hoping for NO SPRINT, but I doubt that will be the case.
  2. EXACTLY! CoD hardly ever, ever changes, they even use the same engine for almost all games and basically just add new weapons and maps and perks and what-not. That's why they keep their fans and they love every game, Halo on the other hand has strayed away from what we knew as Halo. I have the exact mindset as you! IF AA's has to be in the next Halo game, I hope they make them as pick-ups, like a power-up. And I wish they would remove the loadouts aswell The thing with the weapons despawning so quickly, it's actually a miracle that you haven't had any problems with it haha. If you die, and you drop your sniper at your body, like 10 seconds after it will be gone, that's what I meant. And I think that any secondary weapon that has the chance to one hit kill is too powerful. If the boltshot remains in the next title, one way of doing it is so that it takes a tad bit longer to charge up, and after one shot you have to reload. This would make the Boltshot almost like the plasma pistol, only it is easier to actually hit and you fire multiple bullets at once, so it's actually better in close quarters, but still suffers the disadvantage that it can not disable vehicles for a few seconds, and it takes a bit longer to charge up and you have to reload. thank you for responding to my thread!
  3. OK so I made a topic about 2 weeks ago explaining WHAT I THINK is wrong with the new features introduced with Halo Reach and Halo 4. That topic got locked and the reason I think was very... stupid really, so here I go again. Basically there was people that said that I was completely wrong with everything I said and there was one guy that had the same mindset as me. I started of the topic with a video from HaloFollower, about another video where it says "Halo 5 Infinity Slayer on Haven". People said it's been confirmed by 343 to be a placeholder and people say "don't panic like that for such a small thing", they didn't said that with those words but that's basically what they meant. HOW CAN YOU NOT CARE ABOUT SMALL DETAILS LIKE THAT? Yeah how can you care about details like that that can possibly decide the future of a franchise that you really like. I LOVE Halo, and I want it to succeed. I was NOT trying to bash 343 and throw **** in their face, I tried to give my personal view, that many Halo fans share, on the current state of Halo. I WAS NOT TRYING TO BASH 343 AND I KNOW THIS WAS THEIR FIRST GAME. THAT'S WHY IT'S IMPORTANT THAT WE FANS TELL THEM WHAT WE WANT., THAT'S WHY IT'S IMPORTANT THAT THEY "SUCCEED" WITH THE NEXT TITLE. Now, the word "succeed" will mean different things to different people. And I think people forgot that I was focusing on the competitive side of the game. First I want to say that I made an example why Armor Abilities "ruin" game flow and balance, and I said "imagine Construct from Halo 3 with jetpacks" and someone said that you can't make an example with an old map that was designed for a game without Armo Abilities, and that's completely right. I made a bad move, you can't really compare it like that. BUT! I still don't think that EVERY PLAYER should have acces to an Armor Ability every time they spawn. I'm gonna try to summorise what another person said, we had Halo 1-3 (yes I will be refering to the old Halo games), they were very identical, had the same gameplay and game mechanics (almost). They changed minor things with every new release and they added minor things aswell. People loved Halo, people that played Halo 1 were playing Halo 2 and then Halo 3 (not all of them ofcourse, but compared to how many people that started from Halo 1 kept playing to Halo 3 COMPARED to how many people from Halo 3 was playing Reach and Halo 4) So Halo was doing great, it had it's "spirit". When the new Halo game was released we knew what we was in for, but with the release of Reach, that completely changed. Bungie added MINOR things in Reach. The introduction of the Armor Abilities, and bloom. That's basically what they added into the game. Both things completely changed the way Halo was being played. You didn't have to think as much where you were going and what situation you would put yourself into, because if you made a mistake, BOOM! Sprint away and live to see another day. Or you had jetpack, or whatever, you had some way of getting out from what should have been a death because you were STUPID, but now you are alive. WIth Halo 4, sprint was no longer an Armor Ability, so you had sprint all the time + an AA. I know 343 added like, hickups if you were getting shot so you would slow down, and it's good that they saw what sprint would do and they tried to fix it. Sadly, I don't feel like it did the trick. You may disagree and that's completely 100% fine, this is my vision and view on Halo, not yours. Someone also said that sprint was not that bad as many keep saying it is, and that if I can't counter someone that's sprinting I'm bad and/or the other player is better. Reasonable argument except I'm STILL talking about you can get out of situations that should have gotten you killed. See, that's my problem with sprint. There has been MANY times that I've been in let's say Adrift, in one of the halls where the yellow lifts goes to, right? And there's someone coming behind me, and from the base and the middle. 3 against me, and they're coming from all directions. I should be dead, but I just hit sprint and then I'm fine. THAT'S MY PROBLEM WITH SPRINT, NOT THAT YOU CAN NINJA SOMEONE. As I said in my previous post, I don't like AA's, specifically the jetpack. If there's a position on the map that YOU FEEL IS A POWER POSITION, someone also said that there's no like, made power positions on the map, it's all how you can use the map and your team, so what is a power position to me might be a weak position for someone else and that's 100% right. But basically the person with jetpack can get to certain places faster than the people without. That's my problem with AA's, they take away what was a COMPLETELY EVEN SANDBOX, and gives certain players advantages because they have a different item than you, and it ofcourse comes with disadvantages aswell. But that's the thing, Halo had a completely even sandbox, and with AA's, that's not the case anymore. I'm not saying that I hate that I can use the AA's to my advantage, I really like using them because I can do crazy ****, but that's the problem. It gives me an unfair advantage. It adds randomness to the game, because you can have something that gives you the advantage in a specific situation and I have no way of knowing that, so the outcome of our meeting will not be determined by PURE SKILL, but also what items we have chosen. I think that it's alot of fun using the AA's, but that doesn't change the fact that I think they should be taken out of Halo. We had this Halo that we knew what it was, but then Reach came and changed all that. Funny thing is when 343 got the "hold" of Halo, the first thing they did was to remove the AA's at spawn, and bloom from the MLG playlist. Again, I'm focusing on the competitive side of Halo. That's what 343 did. But then they re-added it into Halo 4. Someone also said that "why did Halo Reach has more players than Halo 3?" Why did SO, SO, SO MANY Halo fans stop playing Halo when Reach came out? Every new game is gonna get new fans and new players. People are gonna see it on ads or whatever and buy it. And many people will probably like it if it is a good game, THAT HALO REACH AND HALO 4 WAS. THEY WERE GOOD GAMES, NOT GOOD HALO GAMES. And he also said why Halo 3 has such a low population. Well, as I've said, lots of people stopped playing it at the launch of Reach and Halo 3 has bad netcode and it plagued by lag. I also mentioned what I feel about the boltshot, and someone made an example that if I shot a guy on Halo 3 for example and he got away behind a corner, and I decided to chase him and then I die because he pulls out a shotgun. You can't compare it like that. This is the same person that said that I can't compare old maps with AA's to new maps with AA's, it's completely the same thing. The shotgun is a pickup weapon, there's 1 or 2 shotguns on the map, so the chance of that happening is very slim. And if it does happen, I won't rage because it happens so rarely. But the boltshot is basically a shotgun, that has a shorter range. BUT, here's the big BUT. The Boltshot is a SECONDARY WEAPON. 8 players in a game of 8 players can have a shotgun as their secondary at all times through the entire match. If you got caught in a short range it would be more beneficial to switch to your SECONDARY WEAPON FROM YOUR PRIMARY, if you didn't have a shotgun or whatever. The point is, that is too powerful for a secondary weapon. I'm not complaining that the boltshot is in the game, I'm complaining that it's a secondary weapon. SECONDARY, comes after first, PRIMARY WEAPON, SECONDARY WEAPON, the secondary should NEVER be better than the primary, that's why it's a secondary weapon, see? I also dislike recoil and flinch instead of descope. WIthout descope, you can be really, really, really, REALLY powerful with a sniper, even at close range. That's the most dangerous thing. Me personally find it a bit too easy to snipe without descope, and it really does make the sniper a super important weapon, but a bit too easy to use. Flinch and recoil does take away a bit of the skillgap aswell according to my personal experience. If you get into a sniper duel with someone, it's most of the time whoever hits the first shot that gets the kill, because as soon as you get shot by a sniper, your crosshair goes flying into space and since you're still scoped in, you can't look back down in time. I know that the flinch is there for hindering snipers and long-range weapons, but using descope instead will actually work better in my opinion. And recoil is just a lazy way to make mastering the weapons a bit harder. Atleast I feel like recoil is the lazy way to do it, and I don't like it, same thing with bloom. It adds randomness to the game, and even if your crosshair is 100% on-point, you might still miss. I know this was the case in Halo 1-3 aswell, but not nearly, not even close to the same extend as with bloom. One thing that is incredible with Halo 4 is the netcode. It's on-point 99% of the time, and it doesn't feel like I'm playing online most of the time. 100% high five to 343 for the netcode. Weapons dropped by players dissapear in like 5 seconds... Just, what the hell? I shouldn't have to explain why that is a problem, just try really hard to fix it for the next title please. I think that's all I want to say. If you're reading this for some reason 343, you are going to get hate no matter how you make Halo 5. If you make Halo 5 like the "original" games, then your new fanbase will be pissed, but if you keep building from Halo 4 the old fanbase, what's left of it will be FURIOUS! And probably give up on Halo, because unlike Halo 4, the next Halo title will be on the next console so in order to play it you have to have the next-gen console. So that's gonna be really pricey, but with Halo 4 you already had a 360. I wish, obviously that you 343 would listen to the hard-core Halo fans because we are the ones that are gonna play your game until the next title gets released. I am NOT TRYING TO BASH 343, I KNOW THIS IS THEIR FIRST GAME AND I AM TRYING TO GIVE THEM MY VISION ON HALO. I wouldn't be writing this unless I didn't love the franchise.
  4. They decided to put those exact words in the video, "INFINITY SLAYER ON HAVEN" and I simply fear the worst and wish it's just a placeholder. Reach was broken and was not well balanced. Reach and Halo 4 are good games, but they aren't good HALO games, since they move so far away from the original trilogy. That's how I feel. Reach got the MLG playlist, and I felt like that playlist was the best playlist in the game, and that playlist removed sprint, AA's except jetpack as a pick-up, removed the bloom and removed lots of things to make the game more balanced and fair to the players. And I agree with Halo needs to move forward, I'm saying this is the complete wrong direction for Halo since right now it's just broken. If I'm not mistaken Halo 4 had 2 million players at launch, and then after like a month it dropped to around 40k. That is insane, that should speak for itself that the majority of the Halo fans did not like Halo 4. And it's great that they patched Reach as much as they did, but the game was still out of balance and broken by all the things they added into it. If both teams were equally skilled and in a competitive match, the losing team who got the lucky ordnance would be able to shut the winning team down or atleast break their control easily. There is no way you can predict that the other team is gonna snipe you in the head, and you can't really counter that. That opens up an opportunity for the losing team that should not have happened in the first place. I feel like the ordnance drops adds too much randomness into the game, you can even get killed by them. And if you countered people with powerful ordnance drops easily, that means that your opponent was not at the same skill level as you. This post is more directed towards competitive play, were both teams are skilled and knows what they are doing, have good teamwork and are equally skilled. Sprint as I said in my original post is what many people call "free get out of jail card". Let's say it's on The Pit CTF, and you push onto their Training and keep pushing without really thinking. You then start getting shot, and instead of dying and getting punished for your stupid push you just turn your back to them and run away. It also breaks the map flow because you can get everywhere so fast. Just compare The Pit with and without sprint, take Sanctuary, take Countdown. In a competitive enviroment spring simply doesn't work. I also don't really see the potential on how you can outplay someone with sprint, sure you can flank someone faster, but that's where the problems with it breaking map flow. And a super soldier SHOULD be able to sprint, that's 100% correct and I can't argue with that, but Halo isn't supposed to be "realistic" you can't say "oh well ofcourse a super soldier is able to sprint! That just makes sense, oh what's that he can jump 2 meters in the air? That doesn't make sense but throw it in anyway" You can't think realistic on one point of the game then completely ignore the realistic touch on the rest, Halo is not realistic and has no need to be. If you have that mindset that it should be realistic, you take away the alien weapons, the aliens, you see where I'm going. Power weapons and powerups doesn't always change the game, that's true, but again, I'm focusing on competitive matches here and teams, it really does makes things easier, and if you get a hold on a power weapon or powerup there's a big chance you will break their control. You can't prepare for something that's random. And if both teams are equally skilled, map control is not easily won. Because again, I'm focusing on competitive matches and teams. Hitmarkers is : If you deal damage to someone, you will see 4 lines around your crosshair, as an indication that you have not dealt damage. Jetpack, if used right is a HUGE thing, not on all maps though, but on some maps it can be AMAZING. Imagine if everyone had jetpacks on construct in Halo 3, just imagine that. A normal MLG hill or Slayer on MLG CStruct, but everyone had jetpacks and sprint. You can get to critical points of the map easily, which again breaks map flow. If used by a casual player and he flies straight up in the air, then he's an idiot and you are right, he's a sitting duck. But if used by competitive people, it changes the game. If they need to keep AA'S, make them as powerups, so that not everyone has acces to them. Imagine you're shooting someone from behind, and you get him down to one shot, he runs around the corner and you run after him thinking "OK he's one shot, I'm not, I got this" and then he wips out the boltshot and one shots you as you come around the corner. How do you counter that? Be careful and not rush him like an idiot is one way sure, but the thing is he still has that power, to kill you with one shot with his secondary weapon. That's an insane amount of power for a secondary weapon. You shouldn't prefer the secondary weapon over your primary in a situation like that, that is an indication that it's not balanced. 343 has listened to the fans, they have done an excellent job and I know that they have admitted making many mistakes, but I hope they won't stop here and I'm giving my vision on what Halo should be. As many people say, They can split things up, keep all of these things we just talked about in the game, but don't force it on us. Make us able to disable them for gametypes and maps. I appreciate your response but I feel like you focused more on the casual side of things, and my focus is more on the competitive were both teams are equally skilled.
  5. OK so I'm watching a video from HaloFollower, a video about "Halo 5 news" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0rm-8MjvkY And he's talking about another video from Microsoft, called "Xbox One Design Show" and at one point in that video we see a user on the Xbox One make a post saying he's playing "HALO 5 INFINITY SLAYER ON HAVEN" Now I just hope this is some kind of placeholder or something, because if you are seriously bringing back Infinity Slayer god help Halo. With Halo 4, you tried to fix Halo Reach's problems. You could have made a game that was like Halo 1-3, with the core experience that all Halo fans know and love and WANT, or you could go with Reach's type of playstyle. Halo Reach was not a good Halo game. The fans didn't like it, Reach is what made Halo start go downhill, and for some reason you decided to keep building upon the broken base that was Reach. Reach was broken and you tried to fix that with Halo 4 instead of just burying the memories of Reach once and for all, NOT ONLY THAT but at the same time you tried to add so much stuff into the game, that it ended up being a complete MESS. Ordnance drops? Adding randomness into a game that is very comptetitive and have a very basic sandbox is not a good move. One team could have map control and be in the lead, and then an ordnance drops down next to the team that was losing, giving them an incineration canon, and swing the flow of the game completely, out of randomness. Now that's a very extreme example, but it could happen. Ordnance drops took away the critical need for map control, part of the map control in previous titles was to be able to get the power weapons and power ups, therefor getting the advantage, you can go on a, what is it 7 kill spree and get either? Ridiculous. Sprint... Sprint... Sprint works in Cod, Battlefield because the killtimes are so fast. In Halo, giving sprint to a player that can take 3 shots before his shield is down, made so that you could put yourself in a bad situation that should've gotten you killed, but because you can sprint away you are not dead. The "core" Halo experience was so good because you had to constantly think about where you go and how you can get away if you have to, or you were dead and opens up a push for the enemy team. That doesn't work anymore with sprint in the game. Get rid of sprint, it simply doesn't work with Halo because of the killtimes. Hitmarkers is something many people probably doesn't care about, but I do. It gave you an advantage and let me tell you how. Let's say I'm playing on The Pit, and I'm sitting in the sword room, trying to get a flank on someone. And then suddenly someone bounces a grenade of the wall and it lands in the room and when it blows up, I take damage. Not a big deal, except now he knows there's someone in there and I'm suddenly in a disadvantage. This is jus an example but I hope it brings the message. You can basically "see" someone without seeing him. Armor Abilities is not game breaking, except promethian vision and jetpack, I think that you should remove Armor Abilities all together, because they break this really even sandbox Halo has. Everyone has the same weapons and abilities (none) and what team can control the map and power ups and weapons will probably win the game. Now there's AA's in the sandbox, so even if a team is at a disadvantage they can still GET an advantage because of AA's. Now as I said, I feel like removing the AA's is the way to go, but if you really have to have it in the next Halo game, make it like a powerup. Like the evade on Reach, me personally didn't feel like it broke the game. It was another point of the map that you had to control, or else the other team would get an advantage. Because you decided to add so much stuff into Halo 4 at the same time as you tried to fix the broken base that was Reach, it ended up being a mess, really. Broken, no balance. Oh, the boltshot. BEFORE the nerf, it was a one shot kill in close range. Ridiculous, glad you nerfed it, really glad you did. I personally feel like it should NOT be a secondary weapon that anyone can use, but rather a weapon on the map that you can pick up. I don't know why you removed the Mauler, and replaced it with the boltshot really, it feels like that's just something you did to erase the "bungie" feel and add "343" feel, the same way you changed chiefs armor, the look of the weapons, the crosshairs. I personally was so mad when you changed the crosshairs. That's just a small detail, that you changed for no reason really. When you change enough of small details like that you will end up removing the feel of the genre, and that's what happened with Halo 4. I hope you 343 decides to listen to the Halo fans, because if you do we will be playing your next title endless of hours, way beyong the release of the next title, or if you try to fix Halo 4 with the next title, you will attract casual players for 1 month then they're gone. Thank you for reading. This is just what I feel is right for the Halo genre, I love Halo and I want it to succeed.
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