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  1. Yesss Halo 2 Multiplayer Revival! It wouldn't be tooo complicated, as most of the tools/know-how are already out there, we just need to add them all together.(I might have to start some of it myself... Though I am not an expert at any of the requirements by any means. Just to get the ball rolling). It doesnt have to look pretty or anything, just simple and working. Thanks for the kind welcome! And thanks for the first post not shooting down the idea(s) immediately !
  2. Hello all! I know this was posted in a topic before, but its last post was in 2012 and I didnt want to gravedig as my first post With Halo2Vista being basically born/ported crippled and now currently Dead, I thought I would post this Idea and hope that it would go somewere. Please read the whole post before shooting me down please!! -Useless Info(Skip to the Help Me With This Idea/Plan Please section for the Main Posting Reason)- I am new to this forum but not to Halo. I have been playing Halo since the original xbox version came out, went on to Halo 2 Xbox, then 3, then Reach, then to Halo Combat Evolved PC, then Custom Edition then stopped playing and have mostly played Halo Custom Edition off and on. Back when I was playing Halo 2 on xbox, I heard from a friend that Halo 2 was on PC also. I didnt think about it until after Halo 2 on xbox basically died, then really died when Live was shutoff for it I just recently started playing Halo 2 Vista. The experience is quite different then the old Xbox version, it feels very limited. Like your in a box and mods just chip of tiny pieces of that box but never really release you out of it. Although it still does have the old Halo 2 xbox Look to it, the Feel could use quite the overhall(The Feel being: grabbing a key and only being able to use it so many times(I reinstall Windows quite frequently as it gets clogged up rather quickly), no ingame Mic system anymore, no giving off party leader from what I saw in pregame lobby, no easy ingame booting/banning, -[anchor=4 goto=]Help Me With This Idea/Plan Please[/anchor]- [anchor=6 goto=]---Legality Note:[/anchor] These ideas are for those that already have purchased the Disc and Product Key. Editing something you have purchased, i.e the software on the Disc, to make it actually work correctly, allow for updatess, more convenient use, and be less troublesome for something else you have purchased, your 2nd or 3rd and counting working Product Key, by doing it YOURSELF from a tutorial with separate programs/scripts that could do it for you or completely by your own hands manually. I am saying we wont be redistributing the H2Vista software, just the open source scripts/software/tutorials that do that for and/or with you. Should be Legal. *Insertions/Upgrades/Addons for H2Vista: Realistic/Should be Possible: -Remove having to use Windows Live accounts completely, and have Live or a peer-to-peer Network maybe run through a Game List hosted by... someone, and allow the profile created on Halo2Vista to be your gamertag/username like on Halo Custom Edition. -Remove Games for Windows Live association with Halo2Vista, as they are shutting down/have basically shut down, and replace it with an open source/partly open source separate addon application that acts as a Launcher and keeps the Game Client within it and make it detachable/completely Full screen(I have seen an app called Quickbeam for Halo Custom Edition that does something similar to what I am trying to describe, the creator posted that embedding the client wasnt hard for HCE.) Or an ingame addon that runs like XFire with a server list, friends list, chat/messenger, etc. -If you already have a Product Key, you should be able to remove the restriction of only using it so many times by only counting installation(Like Halo 1 Custom Edition) -When Downloading maps from other peers, a Map Percentage Completed should be on the right side of the Gamertag/Username of the person downloading it for the party to see. -Possibly Make it Portable/Not using registry, as that would help with install problems and product key problems, just let a popup for activation by your product key once at first run. -Make the Mic/Talk server run off of the Host's Teamspeak or something free, allow it to be a choice for those that have/want Mics and those that dont to save bandwidth. -Include a custom Dedicated Server tab in the addon application with a GUI server control(Including the Co-Op addresses from this .ct I put together from multiple Sources(Credits go to Shock120 for his addresses and whoever made the Player List.ct on the H2MT repository): Iffy: -Real Co-Op by adding AI/Machine/Door/Etc sync through the addon application(Shouldnt be OVERLY hard) (adding more as I remember the full idea that I had..) Hopefully you guys like the Idea(s) and wont let Halo 2 die just because its PC porters were lazy. Halo 2 could really have a revival if we were to work on something similar to this. Thanks for reading my first post and Idea!
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