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  1. I know, the flame which was once huge has cooled down a lot, but I know where the surviving refuges remain, and the crowd is surprising, and grows periodically
  2. Here it is, the M12 GTV-Light (General Transport Vehicle). As i have gone through error after error in every imaginable form, i realise a need for a tutorial, on how to build vehicles in depth is truly needed. THUS, i wish to create a tutorial series atop this warthog after i finish. Anybody with skills or information please pm me as i will be working on the first portion of the tutorial. The tags will be released when the tutorial is finished. Anybody who wishes to contribute, again. let me know. and also comments on the warthog. Sorry that im hiding so many details in the picture XD i know im bad, but i fixed every single error on the model, the smoothing is fantastic, now just for final modeling and skinning details. as i said i intend to build the tutorials atop this. the first series of tutorials will involve adding onto this warthog. I wish for all with the interest to have the skills to build any vehicle of there own. Bnus, i learned back in 2006 on halomaps its called halo custom edition, however as you can see from the post i already adressed the learning how to do this thing.
  3. interesting thought, the current turrets I have in mind are the flamethrower turret, which will have a shot more accurate to a real world flamethrower, rather than a glorified fire puffer, as the flamethrower has always been, I wish the turret to have a very realistic effect, even when the warthog is driving, if this cannot be achieved, there will be no flamethrower turret. Im thinking maybe a .30 caliber turret with a modern remake of the B.A.R. and im also considering an anti air turret. and I will be doing a missile turret controlled by the passenger seat. anybody who ever played with the existing missile hog knows good and well that the turret would kill you when fired. its fun to play with. but when observed it can ruin it for you.
  4. Yes, its wonderful fun to be able to create something in a game we all grew up in, especially something fun like this hog, still need more ideas people
  5. yes... its creative...no its not practical, nor does it fit, okay people I need some ideas here this warthog is almost ready to go in game and has no turret. I wish to know what turrets you people want most keep up with the idea's and don't be afraid to suggest something unrelated to the turret. this is going to be the best warthog that can actually be rendered in game yet. the model is BEAUTIFUL.
  6. It has been done, and its not the cool its OP, I want practical awesome idea's, one in the air is a SPlaser turret
  7. I am modeling a warthog from the ground up, and will be rendering it into halo custom edition, which is simply fantastic and so much fun, but I was most curious what you other fans of newer halo games would like to see incorporated. And I suggest learning to map, the fun that can be had is infinite, and there is still a large fan base working and playing at all times. I will post pictures soon, let me know what you think, specifically ideas for the turret.
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