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  1. I have a question for you chaos how do you get all your halo 4 information like that under your comment?
  2. Alright I'm just going to make a list of things I want and don't want in halo 5 let me know what you guys think. 1.no sprint. It makes the games less competitive you make a guy a one shot they run away and throw grenades or team shoot. 2.no armor abilities or make one game type for it only one the game was a lot more balanced when when you picked power ups up off the map and more fun. 3.MLG game type halo literally created halo and they didn't even put halo 4 into MLG if that doesn't say you did something wrong then I don't know what would. 4.make the game more competitive halo 4 is the easiest game I have ever played you made the ranking system so easy anyone can so it now in halo 3 it took skill and for alot of people it was a struggle to get to a 50 but when you did you felt so good now you get 2981 xp every single match it takes no skill halo 3 had a different ranking system then every game and you changed an ruined that to. 5.make the game more balanced the AR rips people up in long and close range either way you can't do anything about it. 6.get rid of the DMR completely it has no place being in halo all it is doing is enforcing camping and shooting across maps takes no skill especially with the smallest bloom. 7. Speaking of camping there is people campin in halo 4 harder then any other game right now halo isn't about camping so idk why halo 4 is you guys made it so it was so easy to camp another reason it isn't competitive anymore 8.good maps in halo 4 people pick the same exact maps everytime I can't play CTF without playing exile and can't play anything else without play ragnorok. Ok we'll this is what I think I just missed the old halos back when they were good so please 343i start listening to veteran and competitive players other then new player that will play for a week and switch games it would help out a lot let me know what you guys think
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