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  1. I'm level 87 it makes no difference what level you are. I play CTF exclusively at the moment and I'm CSR 16. I play with my friends whenever possible as they're quite skilled but sometimes we'll be a player down and guaranteed he will betray and p*ss everybody off. I can see the need for friendly fire as otherwise people would just throw grenades into a melee fight or sticky grenades on a teammates back and have them run into enemies, but maybe it should take shields down and not kill teammates, I don't know. Either way is better than the abortion that is the game right now. The system should recognize multple betrayals and ban. Heck, their boosting detection system is top notch! I boosted like 20 kills for the assassination armor and got a 24 hour ban. Yeah, I deserved it, but if they put half their effort into the real issues with the game instead of a few people getting new armor it would be fixed by now.
  2. Something needs to be done about these betraying and quitting d*p****s. All day today I've been paired with complete tools. Either everyone or a few people will quit either before the game even starts or soon after. Some people quit for no apparent reason. Today has been littered with people being booted as everyone is betraying each other like a bunch of mongoloids. One guy's name was something like "I betrayed u"... One guess as to what followed. He jumped straight onto the Mantis and proceeded to betray the **** out of everybody. Apparently Mantis stomp kills aren't boot-worthy though as I had to die about 20 times before the option to boot came up and by that point the other team already has map control and power weapons, plus a full team, so there's no point continuing. Where the hell is the penalty system for this garbage? The only thing worse than someone betraying are the ones that keep popping your shield but don't kill you. There is nothing that can be done about them. They get to troll all day long and have no action against them. It's bull. That the ones who betray you because you picked up the sniper first, because one betrayal is accepted they get away with it. Either bring back the exp penalty of Halo 3 for quitters or what is the point in playing? I sit around for ten minutes waiting for players to join as it is, without them quitting because the team they're against is too much for them or they don't like the map. And as for betrayers... I think evidence should be sent to 343 to get these as*holes perma banned. The spirit of the game is ruined by these idiots. /End rant
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