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  1. So I've been playing Halo online since Halo 2. Never got into LANS with Halo, but I've played a lot of the Halos. I've always appreciated the love Bungie put into the community, and 343 seems to be doing a pretty good job from what I've seen. Ban hammers for jerks and griefers and cheaters; bring it on. Habitual quitters? Ban 'em. Boosters? Ban 'em. But I have this thing called a life. I'm a grown up! I have a job, a house, and a family. I have actual live chickens in my yard. I have kids. Sometimes those things don't always cooperate when I want to play video games. Kids are crying? I have to go help take care of the older sibling who is harassing the smaller ones. Chickens are freaking out? I have to go chase a raccoon away. (I really should have a shotgun) But doing these things, sometimes catches me in the middle of a game. It doesn't happen often, I think I've counted 3 times I've been banned for a time. But when I come back from the 5 minute ordeal, I find a ban screen with tiny print I always fail to read before I press A that told me how long I'm banned for. People in my party are now without a player and can't join any games for, I don't know how long< so I have to back out of the lobby. I may just call it a night for Halo, and start playing Fallout. The point is, being AFK for 3-5 minutes once a month should not initiate the BanHammer of doom for however long. If I did it several times a day, every day, sure. Please fix this, 343. I love your game, but I don't have time for being banned. Thanks you
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