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  1. I've just found this gametype called tiny spartans and had a sudden brainwave. Using tiny spartans, I can create a mini-city out of building blocks and stuff, and it would look huge in first person when actually it would be tiny, so the budget could be saved a lot. So, should I continue with the city I am currently doing (It's about 75% done), or try the tiny city idea?
  2. Goddam it, looks like no functioning enimies in solo then. Still the city to explore though, it's gonna be really big.
  3. I'm making an open world, Mirror's Edge inspired map. It will feature active enimies, (even when playing solo) missions, many, many easter eggs and hidden weapons. However, I have a couple of questions: Can you make dominion auto turrets build themselves/be pre built? And can you set turrets physics to "Normal" so they can be affected by gravity, or pushed by gravity lifts? Map will be done ASAP, and link will be included.
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