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    Inside your imagination, and possibly your dreams! O.O
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    Hatsune Miku (the Vocaloid), Vocaloid in general, Xbox, PlayStation, Game Cube, Destiny, The Elder Scrolls series, the colour Red, Red Foreman, the colour Purple, Stealth games, being stealthy in none stealth games, The Bee Gees, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, RWBY, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, Spider-Man, Batman, Serious Sam, Borderlands Series, Saints Row Series, Max Payne Series (except the movie, we don't talk about the movie), Crash Bandicoot, Ty the Tiger, Peanuts (the gang), Holidays, Sleeping, Eating, YouTube, I AM LEGEND, Toaster Strudels, GTA V, MineCraft, Lounge Pants, Naps, Movies, PUBG, Titan Fall, Apex Legends, 007 movies, From Russia with Love the game, Tea, Ice-Tea, Hot Cocoa, Very specific parts of the Winter Season, Autumn, and I will add to this when I think of more stuff :3

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