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  1. Ghost busters for those who are not familiar with it from halo 3, Is a infection mini-game where the Ghost busters (Flood) must attempt to find and kill all ghosts in a small sized urban town map. The Ghosts (Humans) have good camo and can only assassinate the Ghost busters. Suggestions for best game play: Please don't hide as a ghost it makes the game boring. The aim as a human is to kill as many infected as possible not to hide for the whole round. The map is made purposely small so that it is easier to find the ghosts. Images: Supermarket/Cafe (Exterior) Supermarket/Cafe (Interior) Mechanic (Exterior) Mechanic (Interior) Church (Exterior) Church (Interior) Those are the three main buildings that have proper interiors. Extra Images: Map: Ghost Town Gametype: Ghostbusters Fileshare: WasHeFuzzyWuzzy I hope you like my map Thank you for your time
  2. Map: Prison Break v2 Gametype: Cops and robbers v2 Download off: WasHeFuzzyWuzzy's fileshare In case you are not familiar with this game, it is a role play style infection similar to teacher. The way to play is simple. There is one cop (flood) and everyone must listen to him and do what he says. Everyone else are prisoners. The aim for the prisoners is ultimately escaping and killing the cop, but this isn't mandatory. You may also play along with the cop and role play. Everyone gets one life. Rules and suggestions: The majority of the party should have microphones. The cop shouldn't just kill everyone for no reason. Don't disclose the location of other prisoners while you're dead. Don't hold grudges towards the previous cop. The map is pretty cheat proof but isn't perfect, so if you find a glitch or exploit please inform me GT: WasHeFuzzyWuzzy and i will do my best to fix it. They're plenty of things that the cop can tell the prisoners to do, including: Toilets, Cafeteria/Kitchen, Security Robot, Disco/DJ room, Karaoke/Speaker stage, Capture cell (for late joiners and bad people), Armory, Showers, Soccer Field, Plank (pirate style) The prison cells (Human Spawn) Toilets Cafeteria/Kitchen Disco/Dancefloor Karaoke/Speaking Podium Capture Cell (For late joiners and naughty people) Landmine Minigame Soccer Field Pirate Plank Theater/Performing Stage Escape Building (Vehicles and Powerups) Gear up and break the remaining prisoners out of prison I hope you enjoy my map. If you do please leave some feedback. Thanks for your time
  3. Hot Pursuit: Pipelines is a hot pursuit map that takes place underground in a pipeline factory. The aim of the game: Cops (Flood) must chase robbers and push them off the track. Robbers (Humans) avoid your pursuers and stay alive! The cops are given warthogs and robbers are given mongooses. Both sides can assassinate players but lack speed. The map comes with plenty chase breakers. Giant pipe, small pipes, half pipe, jumps, shortcuts and detours come with the map to help you shake your pursuers. The Giant pipe Small pipes (YOLO pipes) The Half pipe Thank you for your time i hope you give my map a download and enjoy it Here are some extra pictures if you want to see more of the map: Map: Hot Pursuit: Pipelines Gametype: Hot Pursuit Best played: 8-16 Players On my file share GT:WasHeFuzzyWuzzy
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