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  1. January 28th 2013 130 - 110 asdf wrex - 13 Kills 11 Deaths LL Kool D - 11 Kills 13 Deaths Game footage is on "asdf wrex" s file share. DGL Slayer On Entirety. GG and GL to everyone.
  2. 1. LZ Legundo 2. Orbital 1.1 3. Circumvention v1.1 4. A gametype typically used for 5 v 5 but can be used with any amount of people. It is an oddball variant. The person carrying the ball is a one hit kill, the person not carrying the ball is about 10-12 hit kill. (Not easy) It is a fun gametype and has some variations, FFA, and 3-ball. FFA is meant for lower ammounts of people and is played on Icosikaitetragon. 3-ball is meant for 16 players, or many players. LegendZero.com is hosting a tournament for this game type. Signup ends at the end of the month! http://www.legendzer.../circumvention/ 5. I hope a video is ok.
  3. Member Name: asdf_wrex Gamertag: asdf wrex Favorite Color: White Picture to be used on videos: (Insert Link Here) http://halo.bungie.net/stats/emblem.ashx?s=120&0=2&1=0&2=2&3=9&fi=10&bi=0&fl=1&m=3
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