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  1. My commentary is as follows: 1. When I die in spartan ops, enemies seem to rush my new, hidden position even though they would have no idea where I am. That is if I spawned away from the action. 2. Often when I die I spawn at a point immediately adjacent to and/or under whatever killed me. Perhaps add some qualifier level code to how respawn is determined ie. Do not respawn at the point with a wraith parked on it. 3. Like most other triple a games you tried to save VM by having mobs spawn trigger based on my location. Works fine sometimes, and using drop ships is a good work around, but you don't always. Nothing is worse than snipe clearing an area, then running in and finding mobs spawning on top of you. Many other developers do these, but someone needs to be tools they are lazy scripting methods that lead to frustration at times. You do a better job than most (I'm looking at dice and infinity ward as worst offenders) but... Other than there issues a solidly put together game!
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