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  1. Well now it's giving me the "Players failed to load content" message, even though nothing has changed since the first time it happened. I'm going to reinstall Disc 2 and see if that helps. Nope, still doesn't work. Now the UNSC loading screen stutters when it tries to start Spartan Ops AND it still gives me the download content error even though there was no such message the first time I tried after reinstalling.
  2. I'm having trouble playing Spartan Ops. I select "Play Chapter," but the game never starts. It goes to the UNSC loading screen for a bit, then spits me out to the main menu without any kind of error message. I haven't had problems like this until yesterday, but then I tried today and it works...for three missions. I'm connected online, installed the disc fine, and get no connectivity/content messages. Anyone else have this problem? Or maybe a solution? Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I only saw the Game Help and Tech Center forum and neither seemed like the right place.
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