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  1. Seriously, we haven't done anything wrong! We don't know how it happened, and it is incredibly suspicious, but we didn't do it. Neither of the two that can contact each other have even completed half of the other achievements or got to an obscene level or something like that - apart from the one achievement there's nothing borked
  2. So me and a couple of friends were playing Spartan Ops a week or so ago and when we tried to play Episode 1 Chapter 1 we were put on Episode 5 Chapter 4. Before you ask, we have no idea how. So far so good, right? The problem comes when we complete the mission without a generator being destroyed - you might notice there's an Achievement for that on Heroic, so we were pretty confused when we earned it, but figured "Lag happens", you know? So anyway, now we've all been banned until December 6th and the suspension forums refuse to talk to us because we've got the achievement so we must have cheated to get it. Apparently they have "proof" that we tampered with the system. Any chance someone can give us some kind of contact details for 343, because the official Microsoft support just stonewall us completely.
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