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  1. Ok so i was thinking that Halo CE was the most amazing game i played until halo 2 came out. IT was beautiful, had a rich storyline, and the gameplay was wonderful. So maybe 343i could remake halo CE? im not thinking as a whole game, but maybe as a little arcade thing? with much better graphics, maybve more guns, and more cool looking elites, like in reach. Just simple stuff. Thoughts? comments? Ideas?
  2. infinity


    HEllo! im new here too. registered yesterday but didn't notice this part. I feel like i shud give a small intro, as everyone else has, and so i shall. Ive been playing halo since about 2 months after halo CE came out. my friend introduced it to me and i fell in love. I got halo 2 LE, but didnt like the add-ons so just got normal halo 3. I got Legendary reach and was quite satisfied with it. I got odst and wars after launch, cuz the overview didnt impress me, but they were good enough. Finally my main wish is that I hope to G-D that there is a halo 4. also ive read most books. HALO GEEK
  3. Yeah you are completely right. you just made me want to play through halo 3 again just for the music!
  4. infinity

    Halo 4

    not sure if this is a good idea, but one thing might be a failsafe where all the halo rings attempt to fire, because the ark was destroyed and it might have been the flood. So then halo 4 would be just you and cortana on this forerunner construct, trying to make it to the command room and deactivate the halo's, a bit like halo 1. Only i think this one should be a more machine like planet if it is. Or maybe a two part game? where the first is hijacking a ship from this forerunner planet and using it to get to the halo's, and the second part would be alerting the UNSC and the covenant (the good ones, like the elites and grunts, but not the brutes) about whats happening, and then taking out the halo's And maybe a few surviving forerunners? IDK just putting ideas out there
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