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  1. Spartan Ops Ep 5 Full Episode on Halo 4: Infinity discovers the truth about forerunner prometheans.This is episode 5 of the new feature in halo 4 spartan ops. So it seems that Dr. Halsey was hiding what she new about the artifact from the spartan 4's. Which lead to her being put in holding. While Gabriel Throne touched the artifact to find out how the images from earth had made it so far in space in such a short time, he was teleported to a Requiem which is full of elites. Chapters 1.Spartan Miller: Infinity Science requests spartan aid investigating anomalies in requiem-wide portal system. 2.Nothing can go wrong: Infinity science has begun to understand requiem's portal system and request assistance in its testing. 3.Everything Has Gone Wrong: The refuge facility is the focus of heavy enemy activity. Additional UNSC forces are being deployed to the area. 4.The Cauldron Base: Forward base magma has placed a distress call. Fireteam crimson is responding. 5. Spartan Throne: Spartan Gabriel Throne has been transported to requiem, without weapons or comms. His current status is unknown.
  2. Spartan Ops Ep 4 Full Episode on Halo 4: The crew of Infinity encounters cult leader Jul' Mdama, aka The Didact's Hand. This is episode 4 of the new feature in halo 4 spartan ops. Dr. Halsey is studying the ancient artifact brought aboard infinity. Seems that Catherine doesn't consider the spartan 4's suitable compared to spartan 2's. This might just be an opinion of her own because she designed the spartan program, and just is a little bias about the new recruits. Seems like tension between the 4's and Dr. Halsey is increasing.
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