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  1. Hello, I am the commander, and owner of ESA (Elite Spartan Association). Leadership positions are open, I could write a ten page post about our clan, but that is just too much too much to read through. Add me on xboxlive, my current gamertag is BN PWNAGE, which it will change soon to ESA PWNAGE. I will post in the rank structure so everyone can see how the ranks work, add me on xbox to learn more about our growing clan! Hope to see you soon 1. Recruit -New member rank, does not have voting power. Obtained by joining the clan. 2. Private -Now has 1 point for voting, rank obtained by being in the clan for 3 days. 3. First Lieutenant -Main job is to recruit to rank up, get at least 10 people in the clan through you, to obtain. Now has 2 points for voting. 4. Second Lieutenant -Main job, is again to recruit, observe, and all around stick around for awhile. Has 3 points in voting. Obtain by recruiting at least 20 people, or be in the clan for at least 1 month. 5. Captain -Can now inflict punishments on recruits, by reporting the incident to either BN PWNAGE, PRO MISTAKE, or a general. Job is to keep recruiting. Now has 4 points in voting. Obtain by being in the clan at least 2 months, or recruiting 30 people. 6. Major -Majors are very respected, and have been around awhile. They have 6 points in voting, and can place infractions on members. Must have a good amount and flow of recruits still being brought in by them. To obtain be in the clan at least 3 months, and prove yourself to your colonel. 7. Lieutenant Colonel -This is the assistant to the Colonels, they help run squads and pretty much start off by doing the grunt work so they can learn about how to run a squad first hand. You must be at least a Second Liuetenant to obtain this rank, and are hand picked by colonels. Given 1 point for voting in squad meetings, and 5 points given for clan wide meetings. 8. Colonel -This person owns their own squad, they run it as if it's their own clan, while abiding by clan rules. They are responsible for recruiting own members for their squad, coming up with a squad name, holding clan meetings at least once a week. You also need to report monthly to BN PWNAGE, on how many members you have, infractions they have, notes about the members, and make sure to include their service tag. You may also disclose more information if you feel it is needed. Please email all information either through microsoft excel, or microsoft word. Excel is the best to use. For more information on owning your own squad, please talk to BN PWNAGE. Obtained by applying on the site and be at least Lieutenant Colonel. You also have the power to rank people up in your clan, you must follow the rank scale here, and keep track of when your squad members join the clan. 4 points given for clan wide votes, and 5 for your squad meetings. 9. Liuetenant General -Assistant to Generals, please read the General description for more information. Obtain by being in the clan for at least 5 months, and be hand picked by Generals. 5 votes given for clan wide meetings, and 0 given for squad meetings. 10. General -Generals are the people who report to our Commanders (BN PWNAGE, and PRO MISTAKE) weekly of everything in the clan. They report everything from new members in squads, to site information. They are the "inspectors" for the clan, they make sure everyone is getting treated fairly, and is following clan rules. 5 votes given for clan wide meetings, and 5 for squad meetings. 11. Lieutenant Commander -Assistant to Commanders (Owners) obtain by being hand picked by Commanders. 5 points given for clan wide meetings, and 0 for squad meetings. 12. Commander -Owner of the server 8 points given for clan wide meetings, and 0 for squad meetings.
  2. ESA (Elite Spartan Association) is now recruiting and has leadership positions open. You may even be able to own your own squad as we are a new clan, add me on xbox gamertag: BN PWNAGE
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