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  1. True ... Nice words mate Frustration happens but perspective is the key to a fuller existence. Enjoy the Game( and life ) E
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    A quick gripe. (£100ish... realy???) ive bought the DLC for us on my sons request only to find it's individual. £17 each Outrageous. He bought it on my account and where as i used to play Legendary, die once start whole game again. Pull my hair out multiplayer 24/7. I now have 3 jobs to pay for my family.(iDLC for me now is a once a month Luxury sesh) My main Job is being axed next year because of the recession. I have 3 boys and one on the way. So 343 expect me to pay 3 x £17 + the £40 game price. 343 it's not ur fault im poor lower class but this is as bad as the thieving Bankers and For us hard Grafters Deeply Frustrating.
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