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  1. 343 Really Needs to fix the aim bot mods and hacks. I can't find a matchmaking game with out someone who has it.(i am level 40) Its is frustrating to play someone who can 5 shot you every time that has no skill. I also played someone who spawned with a ordnance weapon. This is just retarded If this problem is not patched soon i will never buy another Halo game.
  2. I don't mind Halo 4, 343 evolved the game play which was need. I am just so pissed at the amount of people that have the auto aim hacks or mods. I can't find a single game with out someone who is cheating. Granted I still have a better k/d but to verse someone who has an auto 5 shot with out any skill it retarded. If 343 dosen't fix the hacks this week i will never buy another halo game.
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