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  1. Why War Games? This issue extends beyond War Games. I tried for Forge and Theatre mode as well and couldn't invite anyone. I'm imagining it has to do with my connection, but again, the NAT says open and I'm not sure what it boils down to. I know folks say the issue will be resolved, but one of my friends messed around with his router settings and got it to change. Any proactive solutions out there?
  2. Problem: My NAT says it's open, but I cannot invite other people to my Live or Halo party. I've searched for the term status not joinable and found only the official complaint thread. I've heard that you can change your router's settings to fix that though. Any word on how I can do that? Anyone that has done so? If there's a way to be proactive in my Halo experience instead of complaining about it. Thanks!
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