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    I absolutely love playing WITH people. I like being a team when I play games. Co-op games are my favorite. I also like shooting people in the head.

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  1. Hello. I originally came here because my friends and I have been playing Halo since it first came out. My favorite two games were the original Halo and Halo 2. From there, I felt like the games were almost lacking. The first two were innovative, and added a lot to the experience, but I didn't feel it as much as time went on. It was most likely just me, as everybody else has thoroughly enjoyed the games, but I also realized what I wanted out of the game. I was talking to a friend who is studying to be a game designer and I came up with a generally good idea for a new kind of Halo game. I started searching for a way to contact 343, and found that there isn't really a good way to tell them. So while reading threads on this site, I realized I liked it, and wanted to join, and now here I am. I hope to discuss much of the Halo universe with you all. Thanks for reading.
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