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  1. Gamertag: DjPro95 Map: The Experiment- "Fight or Fight" Gametype: Flood (Custom Variant for this) Players: 12 Notes: I've tested this map myself but I would like some feedback from some of the more experienced forgers. I also need some advice for balancing the human v. Flood. The flood have a distinct advantage with being completely invisible (I had to do this because poor camo doesn't work if the players' gamertags appear in red over their heads, defeating the purpose of the camouflage. If anybody has another solution, private message me please)
  2. Is there an extraction section for THFE map subs?
  3. We'd like to begin making videos for our channel, but we need a few more forgers. Reply on this post if you're interested
  4. Hey guys, Djpro95 here bringing you the first of many articles to come for these forums. The purpose of these articles is to help those forgers within the forum so that they get ideas that may improve their maps. I will be posting these on free-will with no specific schedule but my own. If you'd like to see certain subject matters covered, leave a reply in this post. Here are some current ideas I have for articles as of right now. Heatmapping Aesthetics Improving Gameplay Now, I am aware that you can find more subject matters, and people to explain them, however, I am giving MY input. I hope to make this a regular thing. Thanks, DjPro95
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