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  1. I was just playing a Reach Invasion custom game through the browser. The round was on wave 3, my team was on offense, and I was running the core. One of my teammates had just killed the only enemy player who had a line of sight on me, and I was maybe a dozen steps to the objective when I dropped dead and was forced to change teams. Of course I quit the game - in fact I shut down MCC and will likely play something else. I would forgive it if I had died and it reassigned me after death, but just dropping me and forcing me to change teams? You've got to be kidding. Is this actually an intentional mechanic, or was it just a bug or one-off?
  2. Does anyone have any fun challenges for 3 or ODST (Campaign or Firefight, I don't care which)? Not like earning points or anything, something to change the gameplay. Thanks.
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