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  1. sweet thanks, smoking shadows. I'll be sure to add you!
  2. Oh I see that I already added you haha. Well I can be online tomorrow any time during the day. Let me know what time you can get on tho so it'll be easier. thanks
  3. Yes I will be online wednesday! Thank you, sir! I will be awaiting your request.
  4. Another easy way to get the bandanna skull for people who are going solo and not coop: Get the warthog down there and stand on the warthog and then stick the warthog to grenade jump a short distance off the warthog to get on top. The hardest part is getting the warthog ALL the way down there. It's not too hard as it is time consuming. You have to drive the warthog to the center of the island by getting it past that first big tree and the wall (by the circle of jackals and where you get the second warthog). Then you have to drive the warthog all the way past the hunters in the middle, to the other over shields and down the hall way towards the security override room. You might need a few grenade jumps for your warthog to get over some nimble obstacles. The next hard part is squeezing your warthog into the center security override room with the "holo" in the middle. The last hard part (and hardest part in my opinion) is squeezing the warthog through the open door on the right. What is hard about this is 2 things: first, it seems damn near impossible to fit the dang warthog through that tiny ass door. And the other reason it's so hard is that once you get it through, you have to time your stop perfectly so you don't drive off the edge and die or lose your warthog that you worked so hard to get in there. But once you get the warthog nicely sticking it's nose out that little doorway, it makes that grenade jump a piece of cake on solo. This is what I did because that grenade jump seemed impossible without a coop partner and without anything to stand on. Of course, using your teammates head to stand on is probably a lot easier. However, if you're like me and want to try to see if you can do everything by yourself, use this trick. It's also kind of fun driving the warthog in places where the developers don't expect you to be. You can actually get the very bottom of that room with the bandanna skull. You can get the warthog down there as well. I did this so long ago on the original halo. You can't get to the "bottom" but you can get about half way by climbing down and probably using a teammate to spawn. And once half way down, if you look all the way to the bottom scoped in with a pistol or rocket launcher, you can see 4 banshees just sitting in all 4 corners taunting you. I've tried quite a few times to see if I could get down there and fly a banshee but there is nothing to break your fall and it's a straight 100+ foot drop. I tried using the warthog too. I think you might be able to make the fall if you use an over shield and pick it up half way down in mid fall. This is a very tricky technique tho and may take several tries. I'm not sure if you can get an over shield down there or not tho. I want to fly a banshee in the silent cartographer so bad! haha
  5. hey i need someone to play coop legendary with. my GT is capn murphy 509.
  6. oh and just message me on xbox live if you want to help me out. thanks. dont ONLY send me a friend request without a message cause I won't know what you're wanting.
  7. Hey everyone. My gamertag is capn murphy 509. I need a trust worthy co op partner that can kick covenant butt and is willing to play co op legendary through most of the campaign and help me get other hard achievments. In return, I will help out with getting achievements for you too whether it be for halo cea or any other halo game or any other game that i have for that matter. Thanks
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