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  1. I wouldn't say that if I were you. Just sayin'.
  2. Like many of us among here, I was participating in Brovember. However, a revelation came upon me. If I shaved my neck and stache, I could be bestowed the looks of Wolverine! So I did as of 10 minutes prior to this psot. And, naturally, I was punished by the bro Gods and cut myself shaving. In my moment of unawares, my attention focused solely on my bleeding neck, I failed to notice I didn't stop shaving. Until I noticed I had but half a beard left. Wet, bloody, hungry and dissapointed, I shaved everything but my soul patch, the only surviving perfect patch. Does anyone else know my pain?
  3. I have no clue of this, "Iron Wolf" thing, but what would Call of Duty and The Flood have to do here in the manner you phrased your question have to do with anything?
  4. The copious threads concernign the remaking of Halo 2 is beggining to be a bit of an eyesore to me. So, lets just get nostalgic and remember spending an hour just to get one checkoint or never quite comandeering that Banshee. For myself, the hardest part of the game is on the all Flood missions. Especialy the one where you fight a giant robot in the beggining.
  5. The only reason I came here was because the Bungie.net forums are dying and 4chan is worse than usual ATM. However, I must say I do like the customization options for avatars and profile backgrounds and such. Yet at the same time, the forum layout is somewhat... distasteful. And the people and profile pages are border-line MySpace rips. But it's only my first day here, so I hope all you guys are on to something about this forum. Oh, and the Off-Topic forum needs to be renamed something dangerously similar to, "The Flood". And OP, why do you think Bungie failed anything? (Besides Reach)
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