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  1. YEAH now possible one of the best halo game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If Halo: CEA has forge then I hope it will have armor abilities, for armor lock glitch. Or at least some kind of alternative to armor abilities....
  3. Does anyone know how to post a poll in the 343i forums? I know what to poll just not how… Can someone please help. thank you:-)!!!!
  4. I wonder what kind of weapons 343 is gonna be in Halo4. I hope there will.be grenade launchers with E.M.P. ability. I love those!!!! And the energy swords from Halo Reach!!!!
  5. I have to say. I love the idea of more helmet customizing and more visor colors!!!!!!!!
  6. What vehicles do you think 343 should put in Halo4? Include vehicles made in halo already or be creative and make up some. And remember anything is possible…… IT'S FREAKIN HALO BABY!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Noble Clan recruiting is now in progress. join the clan and be a legend! We offer help with achievments, rankings, challenges, forging, custom games, campaign, credits for armory items, or just to play . For more info send a message to (Ki11Lord). For a spot in the clan send a friend request to (Ki11Lord) and send a message. JOIN NOW AND BECOME A LEGEND!!!!!!!!
  8. sounds good. I do need help some things in halo :-)
  9. and maybe if you decide to try it out you might like it....
  10. It is so important to me because i hate having to fly away in monitor mode.... I would rather stay and fight with added protection you idiot. plus again it make it more fun for me because you cant die in a normal way by weapons.... only killballs drowning assasinations and grids nothing else.... well also unless you become an unfortunate victim of someone leaving the game and mysteriously kiling you.... POINT IS it is cool :-)
  11. One of my hopes is that 343 doesnt take away the Amor lock/Invincibility Glitch.... It makes forging so much fun when you ave a sense of feeling that you cannot die so easily. PLEASE 343 PLEASE dont take that away from us PLEASE.........
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