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  1. I have an idea that could be used to bring back a majority of the Halo fanbase! Some Halo fans don't like the Halo: Reach multiplayer, its is to Different for them, So I'm proposing an idea that can be used in either Halo CEA or Halo 4, for the Multiplayer I say there should be two main playlists, "Halo 3" and "Halo:Reach", in the Halo 3 playlists it should have multiplayer that is similar or almost exactly the same as Halo 3 also out of the box that playlist should have all the playlists Halo 3 has right now , for the Halo: Reach playlist it should have all the Reach playlists and should play just like Halo: Reach multiplayer multiplayer is already. This can gain back all the Halo fans that didn't like Reach for its different play stlye and at the same time it pleases the people that still want Halo: Reach Game stlye. If you agree with this please spread the word on any thing where 343 Industries can hopefully read. So if any of 343 is Reading this Please consider this idea this may bring back the Halo Fan base to where it belongs In addition, if you do actually put this in Halo CEA or Halo 4, Talk about it in any Review videos of those games, I'm sure a lot of fans will be happy to hear you can play a more Halo 3 stlye of Multiplayer
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