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  1. Have you ever been interested in joining a Halo clan that is strictly militarized and also has a fun but serious competitive branch to be around? Well, you've came to the right place! Just follow the link to our clan website and either fill out the Enlistment Form or contact an officer/leader. See you on the front lines, soldier! http://www.blitzkrieghaloclan.weebly.com/ Here's our website for more information! frankenztien Field Marshall Military Police
  2. Hello, everyone! Ever looking into joining a small yet organised clan? Well, look no further than here! All YOU have to do is check out our clan website and fill out the Enlistment Form or comment below. I'm looking forward to meeting new people. My Gamertag: frankenztien LINKS! Website: http://demoniclegacyclan.weebly.com Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/DemonicLegacyClan
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