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  1. This game has been absolutely awful since the beginning. It had potential to be one of the best multiplayer experiences for the Halo franchise. It's taken over a year and a half since the release of the game to get certain game modes and cosmetics that are actually decent. I keep trying to like this game. I really do. 343 Industries keeps making it harder and harder to like this game, and want to play it. So here is another lover of Halo telling you guys what the people think and want. The opinions I'm expressing are not just my own, but shared by others. Maps: Terrible.......... Quit making maps with wide open field of play with almost no cover, and a 100 different angles to be shot from. Players are literally making better maps on forge with more detail and care in 30 days than anyone in 343 ever has ever. Detachment needs to be banished to the shadow realm. Sound: Please fix the audio of this game. I am tired of being backslapped by someone, because I literally couldn't hear anything expect the sound of my spine being cracked in half by a BR! Ranked: Every other ranked mode for an FPS game allows a disconnected player to reconnect to the match. It is nearly impossible to win a 3-4 ranked match of any game mode in a diamond lobby. Please make it so disconnected players can reconnect, because honestly, it's not even do to a player's connection most of the time. It's just because the game will crash. Cosmetics: Not everything needs to be flashy, but we're tired of the same boring, dull, rusty looking colors. They aren't epic, or legendary. They're boring. Some of the armor is cool. The other half looks like some dumb Fallout 4 armor. Also, if you're planning on making money off cosmetics, because your multiplayer is free to play, maybe make all cosmetics purchasable. Half of them are locked. Maybe take a look into that. You could maybe make some money to pay people to actually make the game good. Game Modes: Stop with this rotation of game modes. It's stupid. You'll put a fantastic mode like idk.... mmm.... let me think.... mmmm.. oh ya.... HUSKY RAID!!! Then you leave it on for five minutes and take it off. Also if you're going to have a ranked mode open, wouldn't it make sense to have it as a casual option too?? Like if you're going to have ranked snipers available, then just make normal, not ranked, team snipers an option too. Sometimes, I'm just trying to play some snipers and not go through the ranked system. Devs: Please oh please oh please play your own game. There is no way you guys are doing quality control checks and approving this stuff. I mean I guess you are cause this is how the game is. Do you guys not game?? No one wants your dumb artistic take on how something "could" be cool in the game. Just make a game that actual gamers want to play.
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