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  1. LOL 2 players dropped on my team on KOH after they enemy capture 2 - lost 8 points while still having almost 1-1 KD - brilliant
  2. Well..... Ive watched the professional matches and when a player drops - EVERYTHING stops until a reconnection is made by the lost player. Here is a thought - On ranked matches - when a player DC's - pause the game and fill the slot with an equivalent player. Yes PAUSE! I would expect the matchmaking algorithm stacks 4v4 as even as possible - so when a player drops - odds are you lose on the short team. Also in almost every case - you lose 7+ points. HOWEVER on the other side of that - when you are on the lopsided winning team - averages are +5-6 points. Either that or maybe consider making the match moot AND penalizing the player who left an ENTIRE level - ex. GOLD 6 to GOLD 5. Yes some players have their game crash - not sure if your logs see that - but that may be a tough one to implement and keep your player base - I believe to a player - they would support the filling the slot and pausing the game. Less so making the match moot. Just my two cents. OH additional thought - a player that DCs dont take away points - but ban for 30 minutes - either fix the internet or stop quitting - game crashing....well that is something 343 can address.... Doink
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