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  1. Finally bit the bullet last night and bought Infinite for my son (I have game pass) so we could finally try co-op, been waiting all this time patiently. (we co-op'ed all previous Halo's) Bought it, Loaded it up, he crashed to desktop in opening cinematic. We tried again, I crashed to desktop in opening cinematic. Rinse and repeat over and over again until I need to go make dinner and my game time is all shot. Couldn't even get to load into game with both of us... pathetic. I am so disappointed in the quality of how you delivered and continue to deliver this franchise, it hurts to say that but I'm just so disgusted at this point, I fear it's going to be a decade to figure out what's going on like with MCC. I wish I had a positive note to end on. I feel ripped off this morning.
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