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Weekly News Wrap-Up - 5/7/14


Hello everyone and welcome to the latest issue of the Weekly News Wrap-Up! Before we begin I'd like to send my own dedication to War Veterans everywhere who served on D-Day 70 years ago yesterday, as well as anywhere at any time. Putting your life on the line for your home must be a very difficult thing to do, and I salute you for sprinting into the raging fire with the knowledge you may not come out. I'd also like to send my regards to the Kennedy family, on the anniversary of RFK's death yesterday, and his assassination the day before. But enough with depressing news in the real world, let's start off with some depressing news in the fictional world!


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Martin O'Donnell Sues Bungie for Unpaid Wages

In a shocking display, Bungie's ex-composer Martin O'Donnell is suing his former company and especially it's chief executive Harold Ryan, on account of unpaid debts on Bungie's part owed to Martin. If we all remember his firing accordingly, on April 11th we received a tweet on Marty's account saying he had been fired without cause, and VentureBeat.com was the first to spot his gross attack at Bungie. This does not seem to be a major assault at all employees however, as the attack was aimed at Harold Ryan, mentioned before. The file specifically said, "Ryan has willfully and intentionally caused Bungie to deprive O’Donnell of accrued but unused vacation time, paid time off, sabbatical time, and other benefits." The case is ongoing, and Bungie has no plans of giving in to the lawsuits apparently.


View attachment: Marty-o-Donnell.jpg


Do you side with Bungie, or do you side with Martin in this ongoing battle likely soon to escalate to a war? Debate below!


Forza Horizon 2 Gets Pre-E3 Teaser

Forza Horizon 2, one of the most anticipated racing games that was leaked some time ago, was recently officially announced by IGN, also announced to be 1080p and 30fps, lower then that of Forza Motorsport 5, but being open-world causing restraints. Xbox's official

channel showed off the first real-live glimpses of footage from Horizon recently, in a small teaser. The teaser shows of the European country-side and some decals on a yellow Lamborghini Huracan. Aside from that, we get a logo, and another tease to tune in at Microsoft's E3 presentation. It will in-fact be available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, with two different developers doing the two different versions akin to Titanfall.


View attachment: FH2.JPG


Are you pumped for E3 because of the Forza Horizon 2 teaser, or are there other titles that more concern your interests? Let me know below, be sure to discuss!


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition and Release Date Announced

A sure sign that foreign games can become huge hits on the popular market, The Witcher, made by polish developer CD Projekt Red, has become a widely loved game with a third title on the way for Current Generation consoles and PC. According to a recent listing on GameStop.com, a collector's edition is also available for the game and a confirmed release of February 24th, 2015 has been announced. The Collector's Edition will run you $150 USD estimated and will include a statue of the main hero, the main game in the typical box art, an Art Book, a medallion of the Witcher symbol, Collector's boxes and an extra steelbook to store the game in if you are unsatisfied with the main game box. GameStop also has other bonuses like a Poster and Keychain available when pre-ordering from them.


View attachment: TW3WHCE.jpg


Are you ordering the Collector's Edition or picking The Witcher 3 up when it releases? Discuss below, thanks for reading!


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I apologize if someone has already taken one of these articles and I hadn't seen, I sure hope they haven't, if you have, let me know and I'll try to sort it out! I'll see you next time on the Weekly News Wrap-Up!

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