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Well let's fix the rest of the balancing issues.

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#1 Triston



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Posted 12 February 2016 - 01:48 AM

For HALO Wars(The first one).


I just figure, for 343's sake because of how bad the launches were on the first HALO War's with it's reputation, a lot of people seem to not wanna try HALO Wars 2, a lot do as well. Fix the rep on the original before making the Second come out in 2017 for Next Gen console.


All it really takes is some statistic changes with the units. 7 in particular being:


Scorpion Tank




Gauss Warthog




I am thinking more for a business perspective since that is what 343industries would, what best benefits them and their players alike. So let's get started then shall we?


Scorpion Tanks: Realistically they suck. Gauss Hogs and Mantis beat them without much a problem and so does Spartan Laser and Air. But for the sake of RTS they should be able to take some force before dying, which is good. However, the Health Rating should be reduced by 15% and Armor increased by 5%, for the sake of so they can be healed a little bit easier and fight more efficiently, rather than easily beaten back by anti's they can hit-and-run a turtle shelled base slowly down. Also, while at it, increasing Canister damage by 10%, regular shot damage by 20% would be nice so they can break defense lines enough for supporting forces to get past without everything being killed.



Grizzlies: This is a super unit, meant to beat and be better than Power Turrets. I see it was amped down from the original because people complained of it being too powerful. Well it is a super unit, it's meant to be like that, but upping it's cost per tank would make them not complain as much. But they do have a balance issue: They don't beat microed power-turrets still even with the recent stat update. They only win in a straight head-on fight with them, not hit-and-run tactics. So maybe to prevent that to be tank killers like they are, increasing Canister Damage by 50%, Regular shell damage by 15% per hit, reducing Armor by 10% and reducing health by 5% would compensate well.


The reduction in Health and Armor only because the mass damage output can be abused easily due to their massive Armor and Health. So let's make it a bit more fair then.



Vampire: I get they are Anti-Air and they are an Air unit which isn't very smart, it made Covenant more hopeless vs UNSC. So why not make them have even more Health, and much more damage vs Armor just for the sake of they can do something against a Wolverine Army. Just a 13 Star Wolverine means 25 Vampires gone. I would think they should be able to take on about 5 wolverines out of 20 with no veteranized units just for a slight balance deal. Maybe 50% more Health, 325% more damage vs Armor, 10% more damage vs Air and it should be fine afterwards. I will have to experiment to see for certain though after that.



Scarub: In realistic terms it should have low health, decent armor, insane damage. Not the opposite. For the sake of RTS, why not find a bit more balance in that? Perhaps 25% less health, 10% less armor, but it has 70% more damage. So mass armies it's not built to take on. It's meant to thin out armies. The scarub started unbalanced only because it didn't have damage output, but because of the mass health, even 30% more damage would of caused an even bigger balance issue with the game. So I found a way to sacrifice some Health and Armor for a more realistic scarub with high damage, without the unbalanced gameplay.




Gauss Warthog: They in themselves, have the balance issue by way of numbers and low power output. They are meant to have a high DPS output, terrible armor, terrible health, but really fast and good scouts. Maybe perhaps a bit more realistic say 10% less armor and health, 75% more damage vs everything, specifically 100% more vs Heavy Armor(Grizzlies, Scorpions, Wraiths and Scarubs). But for the sake of balancing with this, make them cost 200 each rather than 150 due to the power increase, so it takes more to keep the army out.



Spartans: Ok I am not sure what the makers were on when they did this, but apparently since when does it take 100 spartan lasers to kill one PT tank? Or better yet, 20 to take a Cobra down? And when they heck did Spartans get so strong in terms of Shields? I think this represents in a balance issue in terms of annoyance to armies and a pain. So perhaps make it more realistic: With the regular spartans no upgrades +15% more DPS, but 10% less shields.

With chaingun upgrade: 35% more DPS, 5% less shields than it has.

With Neural Implant: 20% more DPS than it has, no change to shields.

With Spartan Laser: Should deal 500% More damage vs Armor, 300% more vs Leaders(Covy leaders but they do fine against other Spartans already), but 10% less Shields.

Spartans were meant more towards: High Damage Output, well trained, better vs everything than ODST should be not worse in most fields. But can't take much a beating via HALO Series.



My favorite: The Wolverine.

Now see, personally I love it due to it's Hit-And-Run take damage for days crap it does. But the balance issues is too much Base Destroying power, not powerful enough Anti-Air to take down Vultures(6 Mega-Barrage Vultures DO BEAT 20 Wolverines I already proved it to a friend, though the last Vulture standing was barely alive). I propose: 25% Less Building Damage, 50% more damage vs Air per Missile.


Now the other balance issue with wolverines: Only because of change in stats with Grizzlies and Scorpion Tanks, reduce Volley damage by 20% vs Armor on the ground HOWEVER: The Dual Launches should double it's DPS from without. So about 60% stronger than before. This isn't an issue due to: The Volley attempts to auto-track targets ahead of time, they spray everywhere when fired tracking targets and a redirection means you lost at least 70% of your firepower. The extra fire power is only too powerful if a target sits their tanks down in a stationary spot thinking that's the way to beat an army. Doing that vs a Scarub or Cobra's means you will lose miserably. Wolverines should work the same just for the sake of "We can take on tanks if you don't pay attention to them and think they handle everything."


But this can be abused as well so let's make it a bit more where you can't: -15% Health, +10% Armor. More armor so they keep the balance VS Air, the Armor will do very little vs Tanks thanks to heavily reduced Health. So if you don't pay attention to your Wolvs, they will die fast.



I also heard a lot of people want custom units for HALO Wars 2? That would be nice, I have my own ways to keep that from being too powerful example being: Allow it only in Skirmishes, and custom games that people can toggle on and off the options to restrict them or not, they can't be used in online ranked. Just a lot of thoughts.



I hope this helps, but the rule follows of: Don't publish a sequel to a bad game until you turn the first around enough to have a good launch of the sequel.

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