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ARC Recruiting

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ARC Recruiting

Ancient Relics Coalition are looking for Halo 5 players to join our clan/community to help get a Halo group of the ground.


About ARC

Ancient Relics Coalition was formed back in 2008 on the Xbox 360. We are aimed at mature/older gamers, so we have a 21+ age restriction. A lot of us are based are in UK but we are open to people from anywhere in the world. We are clan/community that play for fun, and although we like winning, we also accept that you can loose. We are open to gamers of all skills, as we are aimed at casual gaming and do not enter any gaming leagues.


Our forum is aimed being a sociable place for gamers to have fun, and make new friends for gaming.


What we plan for Halo

Our plan for Halo 5, if finding players of all skills who enjoy any PvP game mode, we would like to get a group to take on Warzone as well, but that does not mean you have to stick to Warzone, we also want to play the 4v4 modes also, basically people who are up for a laugh while gaming.


Other things offered at ARC

Joining our community/forum will offer the chance to speak to like minded gamers, offer people playing other games (as we are not a community for one game alone), monthly giveaway for active members, and much more.


If you are interested, apply to join our Spartan Company, message me on xbox live (agentluap), or join our community/forum @ www.clan-arc.com


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Is this clan still live. I was a member a few years back under the name fryo99

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