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Found 2 results

  1. Does the Halo fandom ever wonder about H4+ Elites? Well, there were NO ELITES in Halo 4 and 5. - Enter the Berserker - Sangheili Berserkers, a subspecies of Elite, dominated the ranks of Jul 'Mdama's Remnant and favored brute strength and kills over graceful, covert tactics. We get it, "the Brutes lost a lot of weight since Halo 3" and that Elites are not savages. But, these are not Elites. In Halo Infinite (hopefully) the Berserkers will make a debut as a new enemy with new weapons, ranks and a new moveset. You will find these feral warriors along with a Brute pack that they lead, the Brutes respect the Berserkers. They will do a Brute Plasma Rifle or something else... something new....a Sangheili Spiker!
  2. I think that they should make a halo game not about the unsc but about the covenant from a elite or brutes perspective it should start off with an elite who just landed on reach and follow his journey throughout the rest of the war with him starting as a regular soldier to becoming a commander to first person shooters perspective of the battlefield to a halo wars,black ops 2 striketeam mission approach.with everything from shooting marines to commanding grunts to attack a base to sending a battalion of cruisers to go to war with unsc controlled planet. this game would tie in everything the halo games have been so far and much more.
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