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Found 1 result

  1. I have quite a few ideas for Halo 4 so please, if you are going to criticize, do it constructively, not by saying "this is retarded/***" Dual Wielding: increase the bloom by 25-50%, reticals by 50-100%, decrease weapon damage by 25% Bots: I recommend the Bots have Normal as their difficulty, if 343 brings Invasion back Reach had a good system for Elite unlockable skins. Bots could be brought in when a players K/D durring the game is in the extremes (lets say for every 5 point difference so like 5 kills, 10 deaths, or 20 kills 0 deaths for example) they can bring in a squad like from Halo Reach's Fire Fight. For Spartans it could go from 5 Marines with pistols - ARs - then 3 Marines with ARs 1 pistol & 1 rocket launcher - ODSTs with ARs/BRs/DMRs - ODSTs with BRs and 1 sniper - 2 Spartan VI Juggernauts with less shielding. For Elites (if they decide to bring them back again) 5 Grunts with PPs and Needlers - Jackals with PPs and Needlers - Skirmishers with Carbines and Needlers - 3 Jackals with needlers and 2 Grunts with covenant ordinance - 2 Elites with carbines, 1 jackal sniper, and 2 Elites with automatic plasma weapons - 2 Hunters (or something equivalent to them in they aren't in going to be in Halo 4). Killing Bots: can serve as 1/2 a point for kills except for the Juggernauts and Hunters which can serve as 1 point. The person who spawns the bots will not recieve points for the bots K/D but for balancing purposes in BTB/Invasion, which is what my concept is for, not FFA or Squad or other game types that don't use large amounts of players, the Bots deaths will count as 1 death point towards player ranking and K/D spread of the person who spawned them without enabling other squad spawn points. For BTB/Invasion slayer the 1/2 points from Bots killing players can be untyped points added to the score board. To keep track of what squad a player can spawn there can be number between the HUD shielding bar and ammo display. For those afraid of the weapons being OPed with so many laying around from killed bots the weapons can have no extra ammo/half a battery Spawning Bots: Use an unused button in Multiplayer (something on the D-Pad most likely) and the bots can drop in from a drop pod that will fall apart after landing so players cant use the dop pod to gain a height advantage or to access the map in a way it wasn't intended. The drop pods can come in a spawn area closest the player who spawned them. For enclosed and forged maps a teleporter can appear that players can't access and the squad come out then the teleporter falls apart. If a player spawns a squad that squad counts as the highest avaidable and shouldnt let the player spawn previous squads (ie that person with the 20k 0d can spawn a squad of ODST riflemen as a spartan or jackals with heavy grunt support for the elites but afterwards cannot spawn another squad until the K/D difference raises by 5) Squad Example Selection: My examples for squads aren't Over Powered, they are minimalistic benefits depending on how well a player is doing. Its not a kill streak from COD I am asking 343 to include, its a system that has bots that aren't going to massacre every living thing like in COD (like heavy vehicles, playable juggernauts with guns, instant kill air strikes, etc.) The system I came up with off the top of my head within 30 minutes is in my opinion a bit raw and is balanced thus far, on their own the beginning squads won't do a lot of damage, more of a temporary distraction, and catch players by surpriise and put in the little bit of damage that another player may need to take down someone more skilled/well armed/noobish. The system is set strictly for Bots, for those who would argue to bring in stuff like weapons, vehicles, power ups, etc. that would be turning into COD Future Warfare 1 and some maps are designed not to have certain weapons/vehicles/power ups. If 343 chooses to implicate my system into Halo 4 or a halo game in the future I beg its strictly for the larger game types. (please note the dashes seperate the squads per 5 K/D difference) Custom Game Options: I would like to be able to use the campaign skulls in custom games. In Halo Reach I sometimes play custom Slayer with strictly 1 handed weapons and lack the ability to duplicate the ability of Tilt or Black Eye or the other skulls excluding 200% health. Another option would be armor effects like in Halo Reach's Power Slayer, Juggernaut, and Ghost Zombies so you can set it so only apha zombies are on fire or reverse it for Infection, toss in Flood Mutations (basically just the combat forms from Halo 3 with updated graphics and extendable claws for Energy swords which can retract if the infected has a different weapon on hand) for Infection or possibly Invasion which will give players a 3rd option for their race (Spartan VIs, Covenant, Flood) which could be selected as Green Team. Juggernaut: Give them back the ability to use weapons other than the Gravity Hammer again and retain the auto-swap so it can add more customization to the game type. Halo Reach had a system hiccup with this since they set it so Juggernauts only had a graviy hammer even if the game type has the Juggernaut set to using a PP and Energy Sword Teams: It would be nice to set custom setting for each team (ie. red team with more speed less defense, blue with more defense less speed, green with heavy damage but slightly slower and softer, different starting weapons & equipment) that in a FFA version of the game type the players can't access unless the base player traits are altered Yes I know this would take a lot of time and money to take care of and yes I know 343 has already announced that there won't be Elites or Bots in Multiplayer but if they decide to do what I have requested with guidelines already laid out it would be great and could possibly implimented in future game types in matchmaking after the release of Halo 4 or in a future halo game.
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