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Found 1 result

  1. Clan name: SABER SQUADRON Clan leader (me) : one1sh0tonek1ll (that's my gamer tag) My email: [email protected] Halo MCC (a lot of halo 4) / Halo 5/ Any other halo after that will be the primary games this clan will play. Any other games played, if any, will be discussed by the clan. If you are the type of person who cannot play a game for a long period of time then please don't ask to join the clan. This is a master chief collection clan and a halo 5 clan primarily and this will probably be the only game that is consistently and mandatoraly played by clan members. I predominantly play halo 4 myself in the MCC because imo it is the most fun but will play halo 1-3 too if the clan wants. I am not crazy strict but if you don't follow the simple rules below then don't bother trying to join the clan. I PREFER PEOPLE WHO HAVE MICS- IT MAKES IT A LOT HARDER WHEN WE CAN'T TALK. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MIC BUT WANT TO JOIN AT SOME POINT YOU MUST GET A MIC. Clan Rules: 1. All members of the clan WILL treat every other member of the clan with respect. If you consistently bother, disrespect, or just do things that you obviously shouldn't, you will get demoted. Max of 2 demotions are aloud a year. The third problem with the same individual in that year will get them kicked from the clan. 2. You must play halo MCC or halo 5 (when it comes out) at least once a week (by yourself or with another clan member) . On top of this, an officer must play with an Enlisted member and an Enlisted member must play with an officer once a month. I will not keep a written record of this but if I ask and see that you are not playing halo once a week/ not playing with a clan member once a month then you will be demoted. Consistent problems with a clan member never playing will get them kicked from the clan. 3. TIME and my own judgement will determine when you get ranked up in the clan. One clan member per enlisted and officer will get ranked up every two months. You cannot get selected two months in a row. For example, once every two months in the clans life span I will pick 1 officer and 1 enlisted member to get ranked up. The next time I select an officer and an enlisted member to rank up (two months later) it will not be the same person as BEFORE (there may be exceptions) . I will pick people who put in the most work in the clan. If you rarely help in the clan and do the minimum not to get kicked, you will obviously not get ranked up. 4. There are a max of 50 people in the clan. A max of 10 officers and 40 enlisted members can be in the clan. OFFICERS WILL GET MORE RESPONSIBILITY AND HAVE TO PUT IN MORE WORK THAN ENLISTED MEMBERS. With that though comes predominance of decision making in the clan-you get more say. More time put in the clan means your words will have more impact and you will obviously get the credit you've earned. If you want structure and want to be in a good clan but don't want the extra responsibilities then ask to be enlisted- there is no shame in that and I respect officers and enlisted the same. If we max out clan members, and someone wants to join the clan, and they are putting in more work than you, I will let you know that you may get kicked due to competition. You need to actually BE A CLAN MEMBER to be in the clan. 5. Understand that THIS IS NOT A JOKE CLAN. THIS IS NOT A CLAN THAT YOU CAN JUST DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. THIS IS A SERIOUS CLAN WHERE WE PUT IN WORK AND HAVE FUN. BUT THE HAVING FUN IS **!! AFTER THE WORK IS DONE!!** PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. This is not an mlg clan and this is not a clan I ever want to go pro with. But just because I don't want to go pro with the clan does not mean I want to bs all the time. I want to learn tactics, become dominate in this game and get better. SERIOUS HALO PLAYERS ONLY. 6. IF INTERESTED, send me a message on xbox live/ or my email (which is listed on the top) consisting of: -gamertag -what you want to be called. Do you prefer me calling you by your gamer tag or first name? -if you want to be enlisted or an officer -primary weapon of choice and secondary weapon of choice -main playing strategy (do you stay long distance, snipe, are you aggressive, close quarters, medium distance, guerilla tactics, or do you have many different playing styles) -why you want to join a clan Enlisted ranks: Private Private First class Lance corporal Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant First Sergeant Sergeant Major Officer ranks: 2nd lieutenant 1st lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General
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