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Found 1 result

  1. ~Chapter 2: Her name is Ash~ “Just tell her you love her. Get it over with!” The girl said. “No. I won’t. It’s too much for me to handle! I don’t think I’m even capable of telling her hello. It’s too much for me.” The boy sobbed. “Well you ain’t going to get anywhere crying like a baby. Now go! I’m telling you this is the last straw. I’m tired of hearing it. So why don’t you just do it, god damn it!” The girl screamed. “No, I’m just scared of rejection is all. I don’t want her to think differently of me if she doesn’t want to. I feel as if our friendship will be wasted.” The boy was sad. “Then it’s a friendship worth wasted then. Isn’t it? You stupid boy.” The girl laughed. “You know, I might just tell her myself.” She smirked at him. “No! No you won’t! That will ruin it!” The boy screamed, angrily. “Well if you won’t do it. Someone has to.” The girl teased the boy, tongue out and everything. She decided to walk away after that. The boy stood up and through a punch, it hit her in the back of the head, knocked her to the ground. “How does that feel? Probably the same way I feel about telling her, now isn’t it?” The boy was angry. “Uh.” The girl started to cry. “Ugh. I can’t move! I can’t move! I can’t move my arms or legs. Please, somebody help me!” The girl cried out in pain. She was paralyzed. The boy realized what he did. He was afraid. How would he explain this to his mom? This was his best friend. There was nothing he could do besides regret. He looked over at her, she cried in pain and agony. He had no other choice. The boy grabbed the nearest metal chair he could find. He sat it on the girls head, then he sat on the chair. A crunch sound was made. Then silence. The boy looked down, his weight crushed the girls skull in. He got up and ran. ---------------------Story-Resumed------------------------------ “So do you mind telling us who you are? You don’t look familiar.” Jackson said. He walked through a couple doors, the command room on this ship was in the other room. However, he won’t go untold of the escorts name. The last time he was escorted, previously before he joined the UNSC Warlord, the escort was a fake. Jackson walked into a meeting with the Captain and higher staff members. As a result, he was punished. If he would have had the name, he would have been free. The ODST turned around, that big smile was still there. “My name is Fauz. Now, right through these doors you will run into Captain Mike Lespane. Good luck you guys.” Fauz walked away. He still had a smile. Only a few of the crew managed to give a question look about it. They then entered the room. “Ah. So you must be the newly patched up Team Lord? Not to worry, you’re other crew members will be joining up with you soon. Things will be explained nice and tidy.” Mike didn’t properly introduce himself, however he was right to the conversation. He obviously wanted this over quick and them on the surface. Er, ring? Whatever the word is, he wanted them there. “Now. Things will go simple. Your comrade, Dexter will be in charge of equipment and everything you need. If you need a transport. He’ll give you it. If you need a weapon he’ll give you it.” Mike said. Wow. So Dexter is here to help all along? Thought he would have stayed behind, but I guess not. That’s all Archangel could think. “With that little issue cleared. Here’s your crew. I’ll call them one-by-one so you get to know them better.” Mike said. Dang, this guy was organized. Samantha just sent them in. How could this captain be captain of a Frigate? Unless the requirement was to not introduce new crew, but to just throw them together. Well no, that still doesn’t make sense. That’d make him in charge of the missile pod turret. Which is probably the lowest job to have. Mike introduced a Spartan that walked in with the CQB Mjolnir variant, “This is Reaper. He’s a Spartan Two. He’s an oddball, I’ll tell you that. Thinks he’s comical and hilarious. Which he’s definitely not. The odd part about him is he doesn’t like to work together. He likes to go his way, on his own. Lone Wolf. Now, I’ve told him to leave that crap behind but he won’t listen.” He then waved another soldier to come in, this one was an ODST he was silent like his weapons, unlike Reaper who was having a laugh, “This here is Magnus Dreyar. He’s your silent type, doesn’t like to talk much. He too is a lone wolf. However, will work in groups. Lone wolf is just a preference of his. He’s a nice guy once you get to know him. Just doesn’t tolerate sarcasm. So keep it to yourself if you throw any in his direction.” A Spartan walked in without being told to do so, notably a Spartan IV in Recon armor, helmet in hand. “Oh, uh. Yes, this is Zeff. Be careful around this one. He likes to tell lies and manipulate you. So if he tries to attack you when you’re weak. Don’t give in. He’ll also try to get you to join his side, usually to win an argument. He is smart though, I’ll give him that. Just tries to get what he wants all the time. Hell, he managed to manipulate two marines to turn against each other and kill one another. Traded bullets is how, to clear up any questions.” Zeff walked over and respectfully stood beside Magnus and Reaper. Fauz appeared once again, with that smile on his face. He escorted an ODST out to everyone. “Ahh, yes. This here is our good member Joseph. You need him on your team to butt heads against Zeff. Joseph here can tell when you’re lying, he knows how to work his way around situations. Not just arguments. However, he is easy to get along with. You’ll become friends with him shortly, I’m sure. He’s even managed to become friends with Magnus.” Joseph rose two fingers in the air, showing a peace sign. Then quietly went over to stand with the crew. Mike looked over to see who was left. “Huh, just one left. Wonder where the other went. Well then, we’ll carry on.” A Spartan III walked into the room. “Now this ones a keeper. That you can’t keep. He’s only here for this mission and leaves afterwards. However, he’ll make sure the job gets done. His name is Eric Magarnold. Son of the Captain of UNSC Warlord actually, yes surprising he’s here. UNSC sent him over since no one else wanted to tag along. He’s quiet and won’t talk at all. However, he’ll get the job done. He’s fast and smart. No need to worry about losing him.” Mike patted Eric on the back, which was a motion for him to go stand over with the others. “Well you guys. I’m sorry the other one is not here. Hopefully you’ll run into her sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. Anyways, you should all meet downstairs. Dexter is waiting for you. Time for me to go.” The 65 year-old man walked out of the room. Happy to be of assistance. They all walked out of the room. “He was such a nice man. Introducing everyone and stuff. Great we get teammates and Dexter is actually coming along!” Archangel said. “Yes, but lets go.” Jackson lead everyone into the elevator. He pushed the button for the launch bay. “You know, I hope this goes well. Would be nice to get to know you all a little better.” Joseph said with enthusiasm. He held his hand out to Michael. “Hi.” Michael shook his hand, “Hello. I’m Michael Caboose.” Joseph gave a smile, “Well it’s nice to meet you Caboose.” Michael gave him a confused look, “Oh, people just usually call me Michael. Caboose is fine though!” He smiled. “Thanks.” Joseph replied. The elevator door opened, they all stepped out. They spotted Dexter over near three pelicans. He seemed to be in a conversation with someone. Everyone walked over. “Hello Dexter, glad you’re here to help.” Jackson said as he walked up to him. The person, who turned out to be a Spartan looked at them. Jackson could only make out that it was a female. He couldn’t get anything else. “Oh, hey guys. Sorry, I was busy here talking to Ash. One of your squad members.” Dexter noticed that the new recruits were with them. “Oh, Ash I think you missed your introduction with Mike. Dang it, why did you have to bother me?” Dexter walked over to talk to the other engineers. “Well, okay then. Be that way.” She looked away from Dexter and at her new team. “Hello, guys and gals. I’m Ash. To cut the exaggerated details that Mike probably has to say, I’m just the one you’ll look at for helping get the job done. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ll care for each one of you. Yep, that’s about it. Now lets go, shall we?” Ash walked over to join them. Dexter approached them. “Well everything is ready. This job is dangerous. However, you’ll be split up into teams of three. The teams are already made. We’re not drawing sticks or seeing who can skip a rock the farthest. Plus Paper, Rock, Scissors would just take too long.” Dexter looked for the paper on his clipboard. “Ah here we go,” Dexter started to name off the teams. “Joseph, Bek, Frank, Caboose, and Reaper will be in Pelican 1; on the left. You can’t miss it, there’s a tank attached for transport. Archangel, Jackson, Eric, and Magnus are Pelican 2; this one’s in the middle. Attached to it is a Gauss Warthog, with a Gungoose sitting on the inside. Runner, Junior, Zeff, and Ash will be in Pelican 3, on your right. Attached to it is a modified transport warthog. Included is a machine gun turret on both sides, flamethrower facing backwards, and the passenger gets a simple mounted shotgun turret on the dash. Improved for durability as well, that way you won’t be taken out so easily if you encounter flood.” Dexter’s mouth ran dry from the read-off. A glimmer shined in Runner’s eyes. “Alright, well mount up everyone. Let’s go.” The teams split off into their three sections and boarded the pelicans. “The pelicans have preset destinations. We’re going to sweep the landscape. Hence why you’re split up into three teams. As far as we’re concerned. Only one of these areas has the message, as far as we’re concerned. We’re not sure which one does. We have Covenant traces on the battlenet saying they were in each of the three. Anyways, good luck to all of you. I’ll be here if you need anything.” Dexter said, then flickered off their HUD’s. The pelicans all lifted up and took off. Each of the three broke off in separate destinations as they reached the surface. One was to search a cave. One was to search a desert. One was to search an island. As the pelicans grew near the installation, a green-musky look appeared in the air. This gave everyone an unsensational feel. Each of them knew, if they were to die from these creatures. It would use them to turn them against one another. Dexter saw in one of the Pelican’s cameras, a large figure ran across the ground. Then the camera went out and a Pelican came up missing on the screen. Only two remained. ~End of Chapter 2~
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